About Us

Our household has always had a deep interest in all things Norse, and over the years we have had opportunities to be involved in many cool activities and related organizations.

Sometime when I mention some of them in passing I get a lot of disbelief, so maintaining a web presence to document our past and current activities appeals.

Currently on extended raid on the east coast. More to follow.

Here I am demonstrating an armouring method by cold dishing 16g mild steel for the BCVSP group.

They needed a bunch of shields for the ship. More importantly I needed THEM to know how to make that many shields.

Some bastard sniped our web domain some 20 years ago and wanted waaaay to much to buy it back. So I stubborned him out, and now we rebuild. Google sites for now, cause simple, free, and stable. Some limitations, but whatever.

In the meantime email me at
Mikhail@Heimdallson.net or Mikhail@HouseRavenspeak.com