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Knife Throwing in SCA East Kingdom

posted Sep 1, 2017, 5:24 AM by Mikhail H-   [ updated Sep 3, 2017, 12:10 PM ]
 One of the activities in the SCA that has become recognized is 'Weapons Throwing'.

Now there is a marshalling structure for it and even Royal Rounds. This is new to me....back in the day, being Norse in the SCA we just threw spear and axe for giggles. Grand games of Spear the Beer, Spear the Bagel, spear catching a la 'Viking Sagas', Spear the Pumpkin (hint: the pumpkin/beer can/whatever is lobbed high at the spear wielder) Bagel the Spear, Flag the Spear and oh yeah Spear the Target Cardboard Box.

I built a number of spears which are now considered almost too heavy for this sport. Who knew? Lady Fallon was however very patient with the silly Norse folk from the past who showed up with toys different, and allowed us to demonstrate that they work.

They were a little hard on her targets (sorry!) but we did cut her a bunch of new rounds to make up for it.

I mentioned her patience, right?

Suddenly I find myself on the warranted Throwing Marshals list for East Kingdom. Dammit, made another list....

So I guess I should try and get that stuff happening so here is a target based on a extremely small stump left behind at last event. 3", 8" and 14" circles is regulation for Royal Rounds, so I first built a template. This way we can have a standard established for all painted rounds. Plus, lazy.

You can see how this round is just a tad undersized for Royal Rounds.

Good enough for practicing  knife throwing though.
First batch of throwing knives.

10" long, 1/4" steel ,straight backed, and painted hi-vis yellow for easy of recovering them in the bushes or grass.

All edges and point have been softened for ease of handling with a high polish put on the side edges based on how I tend to throw.

They seem a nice weight thanks to the thickness. I will probably make more this size and some 12" with some wider stock.

Will post the chipped up version once they get put to use.

Depending on the way the weight helps with penetration I MAY refine the edge (currently 1/8" radius)

 Video helps.
Here is a quick and rough build of stands that collapse nice and neat.

 And a walk around and demo of how it stores.