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a percentage of proceeds goes to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Bad Rap and Love-a-Bull animal (pit bull) rescue organizations...


At Home ...
In Your Home Pet Sitter


    * Feeding
    * Fresh water
    * Walking
    * Playing
    * Petting, cuddling, loving, brushing
    * Medication administration
    * Bringing in mail and newspapers
    * Adjusting drapes and lights for security purposes
    * Watering house plants
    * Taking trash out on trash day
    * Overnight house-sitting service

Will also pet sit in your hotel/motel room

Going on vacation or leaving town for business? Is your dog alone all day for long hours while you're at work?
If so let Mary Puppins ... the Four Paws Up Pet Nanny" schedule time to make your life easier and stress-free for you and your pet. We will run and play outside, go on neighborhood walks,  eat healthy treats and food and drink lots of fresh water!  Your pet will receive lots of TLC ... love and attention!

At your request, while you're away, I can provide a weekly journal of your pet's fun-filled day via email.

Sleepover Pawties and Vacation Visits: Overnight in your home care for those pets who are not used to being in the house alone at night.

I can deliver  food, supplies, or meds that your pet may need to your door. Just call or email with instructions!

And if you want a gift basket filled with fun toys, pupcakes
and treats for special occasions, give me a call or email.


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Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, House Sitting


 Mary Puppins dog walking 
and in-home pet sitting

Mary Puppins Pet Care Services offers Dog Walking and In Home Pet Sitting, in order to meet the needs of working and vacationing pet owners and pets!

Mary Puppins Pet Care Services can reached at  702-225-8206 or email:

Mary Puppins has been a pet owner of both dogs and cats and has worked for animal rescue groups such as Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah and Animal Foundation in Las Vegas.  She began pet sitting to supplement her writing business and to work with animals. She enjoys walking and playing with her own rescue dog Cici, a Dalmatian mixed breed who she also writes about in her popular dog travel blog at Although she was born and raised in New York city suburbs, a city girl, she has always enjoyed the outdoors and nature. Last year, she even fulfilled a lifelong dream of living and working on a farm in Genoa, Nevada where she took care of horses, cows, sheep, chickens and llamas.  

"I sincerely want to be able to express the love and respect I feel for dogs, cats and other animals.  My mission is to provide your four legged family members with the best care possible and keep them on the same schedule you keep.  I work hard to ensure that your pets feel safe and secure in the comfort of their own home.  My motto is  “When you’re away, your pets will play.”  Pets today are important family members and deserve to receive love and attention even when you’re not home.  

When pets are left home alone all day, they can become bored, lonely and anxious.  When I worked for the city of Los Angeles, I worked ten hours a day and then went to college at night, long days for my dog to spend alone in an apartment. He chewed up the carpet and eventually, I gave him to a good home where he had a lot of room to roam and children to play with.   It was very sad but the right thing to do.  He spent too much time being cooped up alone with nothing to do except wait for me to come home and there was no one to give him the attention he needed. He deserved quality time.  About ten years ago, I lost my two cats. It was heartbreaking.

Three years ago, when I rescued Cici, I made a commitment to be there for her as much as possible and make her feel loved and special (and even spoil her). And to keep her with me while I work. She is very friendly and enjoys playing with other animals and is quite a social butterfly. I call her my Pup-Lick Relations Assistant. She assists me in giving companionship to other dogs when their owners are away at work or on vacation. It is wonderful to be able to spend quality time with her while working. The animals enjoy one another. And it is a treat for dogs to be able to stay home, be in familiar surroundings rather than be boarded up in a puppy jail. Cici did not like the four walls and cage I once boarded her in and neither do other dogs. They need to walk and run and play every day in the comfort of their own home.  

Some advantages of my services include less worry, anxiety and stress for your pet at home as well as for you.  No travel traumas and dramas, no exposure to illnesses and unfamiliar environments and your pet receives my personal attention.  He/she is pampered, played with, walked and handled with the utmost care based on your instructions.

It is delightful to see that many people are taking good care of their pets, feeding them healthier foods and giving them the attention they need.  Being a pet owner is a huge responsibility and although there are still some people who take on pet ownership lightly, many more treat their Fido and/or Fluffy as a four footed member of the family.

   Ensure that your pet is quiet, happy,
   and safe in your hotel room while you are away
   from your room for dinner or sightseeing.

Affordable rates for a regular schedule while you are at work





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Your home and pets/animals are

in good hands...

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