SQEK Copenhagen seminar Dec 2011

SQEK agenda for Copenhagen Dec 2011
The draft minutes (not yet approved for SQEK website) are posted below as an RTF file. This includes an account of our tour of Copenhagen free spaces!
A wonderful poster image for the event is uploaded below... The poster with the schedule lives here.
[You can see the minutes of past meetings here.]

The Squatting Europe Collective (SQEK) Seminar
December 4-6, 2011 in Copenhagen -- coordinated by Ask Katzeff

Sunday, December 4
10.00-12.00: Internal Sqek Meeting
 12.00-13.00 Lunch in the People’s House
13.00-14.00: Miguel, “Squatting and the 15M movement / #spanishrevolution”
 14.00-15-00: Femke, “Cracking the participation creed: The squat-mosque as an inspiration for intercultural self-organisation”
 15.00-15.30 Break
 15.30-16.30: Armin, “Between Intervention and Radical ‘Free Spaces’: Squatter Movements at the Beginning of the Neoliberal City”
16.30-17.30: Joost, “Defining what is open: Squatting as the problematic practice of recommonifying urban space in negotiation towards audiences and the self”
 18.00: Dinner at Tina’s place
Monday, December 5
10.00-11.00: Thomas, “Squatters are urban planners! Innovative effects of squatting on public policies”
 11.00-12.00: Hans, “Squatting as Balanced Empowerment”
 12.00-13.00: Lunch in the People’s House
 13.00-14.00: Alan, “Circulating Movement Information in the Sphere of Art"
 14.00-15.00: Edward: “Theory and practice - activism and the academy”
 15.00-15.30: Break
 15.30-16.30: Elisabeth Lorenzi, "Self-research and squat practice"
 16.30-17.30: Amantine, “Gender and squatting: debates about anti-sexism, patriarchy and heteronormativity in Germany"
 18.00: Dinner at The Candy Factory (or in the People’s House)
Tuesday, December 6
10.00-12.00: Internal Sqek Meeting
 12.00-13.00: Lunch in the People’s House
 13.00-18.00: Visiting The Youth House, The Candy Factory and Christiania.
 18.00: Dinner at Christiania
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