House Magic No. 6

House Magic #6 came out in spring of 2014.
It was a kind of pre-catalogue for a series of shows celebrating the 1980 "Real Estate Show" on the Lower East Side of New York. This was a direct action building occupation that led to the creation of ABC No Rio. The shows were called "Real Estate Show Revisited." 
The issue, printed in a 1,000 copies, included the following texts:

Excavating Real Estate
by Alan W. Moore with the artists of the Real Estate Show, 4

The Tompkins Square Community Center
by Susan Simensky-Bietela, 21

Christodora: The Flight of a Sea Animal
by Yuri Kapralov, 25

Yuri Kapralov, a ‘Grandfather’ of E.V. counterculture
By Sarah Ferguson, 34

By Libertad Guerra, 36

Looking Back – and Forth
By Alan W. Moore, 38

A print copy should be available from SQ Distro.
Alan Moore,
Mar 9, 2015, 11:58 AM