House Magic #3

 The contents of House Magic #3 includes:
Berlin: A stay at the Rote Insel in Berlin
Regenbogen Fabrik/Rainbow Factory tour
Ashley Dawson on Mainzerstrasse
Hamburg: “Right to the City” conference theses
Street cover by Ufe Surland
Provo pamphlet by Experimental Jetset
Paris: La Générale on the terrace
Legends of the Rue des Caves
Ljubljana: Metelkova Mesto
USA stories: Bronx, San Francisco
Hannah Dobbz Squatumentary
Amsterdam, London, Zürich, Paris, Madrid: Art Squats
picture pages
For “House Magic” #4, I will continue to process the research that came out of recent trips to Berlin and Paris. Hopefully others will contribute articles, or I will find other articles that are germane. The subterranean theme of #3 was “art squats” – the relation of political big building occupations in the center of global cities to government cultural policy. This is a theme that is heating up as budgets are cut under the new regimes of neo-liberal austerity. (No, the bankers will not be blamed for the crisis, and the people will be punished.) At the same time, unemployment remains high, and not everyone – especially the young, who are suffering disproportionately – wants to stay home on the dole and watch TV. I am fascinated by the “new institutionality” that is underway in Spain, an apparent rapprochement between leading museums and social centers. The policy is outlined in theoretical terms in the journal of the Museo Reina Sofia, Carta #2 (in Spanish), and it is my hope for HM#4 to give a report on this. Also in Hamburg the origins of the Gängeviertel point in the same direction, towards a government policy of tolerant forebearance in the face of insurrectionary urban development: if you can't beat 'em down, let 'em out for supervised play. Again, a policy of austerity combined with massive unemployment is a recipe for all sorts of popular mischief.
Alan Moore,
Jul 19, 2011, 3:32 AM