"House Magic" #2

Finally, HM#2 is here, in the file attached at the bottom of this page.
It's hot, with a grand cover from Brazil, and all this great stuff inside it --

Introduction – More “House Magic” Tricks
-Reflecting on the “House Magic” Project
-Barcelona: Fighting for “Thousands of Homes”
-Michel Chevalier at ABC No Rio, 2
-Last Call Hamburg in New York
-The Autonomous Zone/de Vrije Ruimte in Amsterdam
-Bullet Space: “The Perfect Crime”
-Telestreet: Pirate Proxivision
-El Patio Maravillas Turns a Corner
-Christiania: Survival of the Interesting
-Christiania: How They Do It and for How Long
-Scandinavian Bulletins
-Picture the Homeless Goes to Budapest
-AK57, Budapest
-The Story of Villa Milada, Prague
-Rozbrat Squat, Poland
-Greek Bulletins; rampART, London
-SQEK: Squatting Europe Research Agenda
-Andre Mesquita, Real-Time Action in Brazil

The project continues into 2010 with the Philadelphia gig at Basekamp and Wooden Shoe Books, and maybe something in Baltimore (looking unlikely), and Detroit for USSF and then London and Hamburg this summer. And back to Madrid. And -- ?
Alan Moore,
May 12, 2010, 7:13 PM