Aggregated texts of House Magic No 5

the House Magic zine catalogue #5 was composed in January of 2013, and finished in April of 2013.
The web version is at the bottom of this page. A printed copy (limited offset run) is available from SQ Distro.

the annotated Table of Contents:

Editorial – “It's not only gypsies and punks anymore.” The global Occupy movement has renimated the tactic of occuption, and squattings have swelled with new activists with new intentions

Evictions – “Necessary squats.” Miguel Martinez reflects on the life and times of CSOA Casablanca. Alberto Corsín Jiménez and Adolfo Estalella take a “Jane's Walk” through Lavapiés. Jens Balzer records the “Creative Destruction” of Tacheles in Berlin. “The Sabotaj Story” tells of a Brighton group's attempt to stop a grocery chain's advance. Jacqueline Feldman recounts the “Winter Truce” that gave a punk music squat a respite.

Housing – “The 15-M Movement in Spain” by Ter Garcia is the story of a movement convergence. An interview with the Paris group Jeudi Noir reveals their methods. Robby Herbst is about “Notorious Possession: Occupying Foreclosed Homes with Art” in Los Angeles.

Showing Occupy – The “Occupy Bay Area” show in San Francisco traced a hidden history of resistance. HM traces some of those routes.

Occupy Art Meeting – A number of meetings between artists and movement activists took place in Europe last year. HM reports on the Berlin Biennale, and the Graz, Austria festival. “We Are Not Representable” is an anti-art declaration. “BB7 Conversations” continue, with arguments, and, finally, a recommendation: “How to Build up Horizontality” in the artworld.

Theater – A report on the widely influential “Teatro Valle Occupation” of “Rome's Oldest Theater.” It has been followed by a “Theater Occupation Wave” in Italy. Two years before, D.B. recounts an adventure of movement theater on the road.

Festivals – HM reports on a number of convergences and festivals, mostly up with one down.

Art Squats – The infamous “Mayfair Squatters” of London, the posh party people, speaking for themselves. Their Paris inspiration, “History of 59 Rivoli,” “l'essaim d'art.”

Education – “Contaminating the University, Creating Autonomous Knowledge,” Claudia Bernardi tells Class War University interviewers about Rome's ESC. Meanwhile, Oakland activists try to reboot a historic public service by “Liberating a Shuttered Library.”

Alan Moore,
Apr 4, 2013, 7:38 AM