PAGIBIG member's corner



  1. How do I know if I qualify as a Pag-Ibig member?
    ***Answer: You should have at least 24-months paid up contribution in Pag-Ibig.
  2. I have verified contribution of the required minimum 24-months. Does that mean I can avail the offer rightaway?
    ***Answer: NO, not right away. But yes, you are qualified to avail the Housing Loan by accomplishing the requirement.
    ***Requirement: All members are required to attend a Pag-Ibig seminar conducted at the developer's venue.
  3. I am a Pag-Ibig Member, but my contribution stopped when I resigned from my job. Can I still avail a Housing Loan?
    ***Answer: Yes
    ***Solution: Pay the lump-sum Pag-Ibig contribution at Php400.00/month.
    For example: Paid contribution: 14 months, Unpaid contribution: 10months
    Lump-Sum Due: Php 4,000.00 (Php400.00 x 10months) NOTE: If the me
  4. I have over 24-months paid contribution, how can I take advantage and utilize it for my Loan?
  5. When I start paying my monthly amortization,