House Call: A Team Fortress 2 Machinima podcast

With Kevin (Nivekeryas), Sion (Ifrit), and Tanner (Skarbone) 

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Ignis Solus 

TF Nine Thousand

Something Completely Dif..

A TF2 Western

Meet the Sniper

Misfits: Episode 2

Episode 9: Misfits Episode 2


Don't blame any of the other hosts on my mistakes....I completely neglected editing episode 9 until, yeah. Laziness can be a doozy sometimes. Nag Tanner to get his track to me so I can edit Episode 10, okay?

What to expect:
Guest host: Mikey (Mister J Crowley Esq)
Misfits in a Hostile Environment, Episode 2
That's about it.

Episode 8: Meet the Episode


This episode is terrible, but we were forced to record it neither of us are happy while doing it. But forgive us, episode 9 will be good. And Meet the Scout quality-tastic.

What to expect:
Nothing good

Episode 7: Meet the Sniper


Meet the Sniper! Yay! We had fun doing this episode, until Tanner's mic broke. I actually edited that part out, successfully too. Enjoy the chaos in this episode.

What to expect:
Meet The Sniper
Pyro update
Goodbye to Tanner
And more.

Episode 6: A TF2 western


Sorry this is so late, I've been in Vegas. Otherwise, enjoy this episode with GooseMike, our guest.

What to expect:
Guestn host: GooseMike
A TF2 western
Mr. Eric Fullerton's birthday
And more.

Episode 5: The Emo Kevin Podcast


Hey, guess what? Sion is an idiot, and forced us to record twice. Your ears might bleed in this episode, by the way.

What to expect:
Jaffa Cakes:

Episode 4: Machinima of Katana


First things first: When David tells you how to get onto private servers, right after Sion asks "What do they say" David says a NSFW word, and I forgot to edit it out. At any rate, we have KATANA with us today, and we are talking about his machinima.

What to expect:

Guest host: Katana/ David
Team Fortress 9000, Something completely Different
Podcast changes: Some in this episode!
And much more!

Episode 3: Ignis Solus


By far the shortest episode we've ever done (Or think we were going to do), this time we review Ignis Solus. Oh yeah, we also recorded this one twice.

What to expect:
Ignis Solus
Our only contribution:
Some random pictures of stuff:
By Skarbone
And more.

Episode 2: Misfits in a Hostile Environment


The quality isn't best (and yes, I'm talking about the 4 noises) but it's still an enjoyable listen. We also had a guest! Mike Kilburn.

What to expect:
Guest host:
Mike Kilburn
Misfits in a Hostile Environment
TF2 stats

Episode 1


This is the first of many more episodes to come. Enjoy!