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Solidarity for an Indpendent and United Iraq

تـضـامـن من أجل عراق مستقل موحد

Stop the Executions of Iraqi women!

Halt All Executions! Abolish The Death Penalty!

We women of WSIUI condemn the persisting practice of arbitrary arrests by the Iraqi security forces. We condemn their arrests of women in lieu of their men folk. These are practices, they inherited from the occupiers. We are alarmed by credible media reports of the Green Zone government’s intentions of executing hundreds of Iraqi men and women. According to Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, the current Iraqi judiciary is dysfunctional and incapable of delivering fair trials. Therefore we see the executions as nothing but judicial murder.We are disgusted and horrified by Nouri Al Maliki’s approval of lynch mob styled public executions, this is a man professing to be the strong arm of the law. This desire for mob justice was expressed in an official statement(*)
Exacting the death penalty on suspects whose guilt was determined by confessions extracted under torture(**), is an appalling crime. This is a mockery of the law, it would hardly serve security, stability and reconciliation.
We therefore call for an immediate halt to all executions and abolishing the death penalty. We call for the immediate release of all prisoners held without charge or trial whether by the occupiers or by the Iraqi government. We call for an unfettered access for the Iraqi human rights lawyers and international human rights organisations to all Iraqi jails and an immediate launch of an independent public inquiry into human rights abuses in detention and into disappearances after arrests.
Soft language and bombastic slogans regarding the’ new democratic Iraq’, fail to disguise the miserable existence of the majority of Iraqis under the occupation. Iraqis are living on the poverty line, without the most essential of services, without stability and security and at the mercy of organised criminals and corrupt security forces, corrupt or apathetic government officials. Now, the sovereignty lacking Iraqi government intends to commit judicial murder.We call on all international and human rights bodies to speak out and put the pressure on the Iraqi government to impose an immediate moratorium on all executions.
Women Solidarity for an Independent and Unified Iraq




(**) http://www.iraqhurr.org/content/article/1887904.html

(*) http://www.pmo.iq/index/03-1020.htm


Nada Mohamed Ibrahim, woman member of the parliament and member of the childhood & motherhood cttee say 'there is such an intention'

Ms Ibrahim says most of those sentenced to death on terrorism charges, mainly by confessions extracted under torture.


ويوضح البير قدار في تصريح لاذاعة العراق الحر ان هناك احكاما بالاعدام ولكن ليس بهذا العدد.
لكن عضو لجنة المرأة والاسرة والطفولة في مجلس النواب ندى محمد ابراهيم تؤكد وجود مثل هذه الاحكام مبدية شجبها واستنكارها لها.
وتوضح ابراهيم ان هذا العدد من الاحكام هو عدد متراكم حيث حالت الضغوط التي مارستها بعض الجهات دون تنفيذ احكام الاعدام الصادرة بحق النساء منذ اكثر من عام.
وتشير البرلمانية العراقية الى ان معظم المحكومات صدر بحقهن حكم على خلفية على قضايا ارهاب.
وتقول النائبة ابراهيم ان الكثير من الاعترافات التي بنيت عليها الاحكام انتزعت من المعتقلات بواسطة التعذيب.
وتشكل موضوعة المعتقلات في السجون العراقية احدى الموضوعات الحساسة بسبب ارتفاع اعدادهن على خلفية تجنيد اعداد كبيرة منهن في التنظيمات الارهابية، ومنهاتنظيم القاعدة، وايضا بسبب الطبيعة المحافظة للمجتمع العراقي

العبوسي: نطالب بلجنة للكشف عن اخذ الاعترافات بالتعذيب

Shatha Al Aboussi Iraqi woman MP calls for an investigation into prisoners confessions being extracted under torture resulting in the vicitms themselves being sentenced to death. She said that this practice was rife in 2005 & 2006. She explained that a meeting recently took place between; iraqi govt, HR parliamentary ctee, UN & ICRC to discuss executing 9 women.

Repeated appeals against the death penalty in Iraq has been issued by Amnesty International and Human Righst Watch especially in view of the Iraqi judiciary system being dysfunctional. These women are more than likely had faced unfair trials after which the death sentence was issued.

Haifa Zangana an Iraqi women activist and writer, wrote an excellent article in Al Quds Al Arabi London based newspaper on the death penalty and extra judicial killings of political figures that has created a culture of revenge and a never ending cycle of violence in Iraq.

Send you appeals to :

H.E. Dr. Ali Abdussalam Trek president of the UN General Assembly

The secretary General of the UN : Ban Ki Moon


Mr Thomas Hammarberg

Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights



Find your European MP (if you live in Europe):


Iraqi embassy in London (or google the one in your country)


you can address your email to Mr Abdulmuhaimen Al-Oraibi

Charge d’Affaires of the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq

Ann Clwyd MP - British Government envoy for human rights in Iraq



Fear of immenent execution


Iraq: Fear of imminent execution/death penalty

PUBLIC AI Index: MDE 14/005/2007
09 February 2007

UA 33/07 Fear of imminent execution/death penalty

Samar Sa’ad ‘Abdullah (f), aged about 25
Wassan Talib (f), aged 31
Zeynab Fadhil (f), aged 25 - Zaineb's senence has been commuted to 5 years imprisonment following a massive campaign.
Liqa’ Qamar (f), aged 25

According to a report by Amnesty International their trials failed to meet the minimum standards of fairness.

A massive European campaign was launched by Brussels Tribunal on Iraq for Wasan, Zainab and Liqa, who are accused of 'terrorism related offenses'. Their execution has been delayed, but not legally suspended, apart from Zainab whose sentence has been commuted. Zaineb's crime: "failing to inform the authorities and withholding information related to the killing of members of the Iraqi security forces".  While the Iraqi government and the occupiers fail to live up to their responsibilities of protecting Iraqi civilians, they are hardly in a place to punish people for not 'cooperating' with them.

Liqa is accused of kidnapping, her husband is according to Amnesty facing the same charge. Wassan Talib is accused of being involved in acts of terrorism. Both deny the charges.

In view of Amnesty's recent report on the death penalty in Iraq: AI: unjust and unfair the death penalty in Iraq which talks of teleivised confessions extracted under torture and in view of the Women's trials failing to meet the minimum standards of justice, we urge you to call for the women to be re tried or be set free and for the death penalty to be scrapped.

Please write to your representatives, to the UN, EU and if you wish to the Iraqi government.

Please write to the addresses listed on the Writte to Protest or Lobby  page.

UN special rapporteur on extra-judicial, summary or arbitrary executions.

the Secretariat of the Commission on Human Rights e-mail address: ngochr@ohchr.org