Write to Protest or Lobby

Solidarity for an Indpendent and United Iraq

تـضـامـن من أجل عراق مستقل موحد



 Your support and solidarity are desperately needed by the Iraqi people so please take action:

 Write a letter of protest/lobbying

We urge you to write to the printed and broadcast media in the UK on the issues of the refugees and IDP (internally displaced persons), on the collapsing health and education systems, against the plundering of Iraqi oil, on the systematic campaign to kill and terrorise Iraqi academics, journalists and professionals,  on the daily violations of international humanitarian law, by the occupiers and Iraqi government forces, (siege of towns and villages), arbitrary arrests, taking of hostages (wives, brothers in lieu of their relatives), troture, detention without charge ot trial, keeping prisoners in unsafe locations..etc.
In this section we would put cases that require lobbying and protest.

Your protest or lobbying can be directed at the occupiers, at the US/UK representatives, at the British prime minister's envoy for human rights in Iraq. It can be deirected at the Secretary general of the UN Ban Ki Moon, to the EU commissioner on Human Rights or the Ashraf Qadhi, tthe UN envoy for Iraq.

If the case is concerning the welfare or whereabouts of an Iraqi prisoner, then there is also the email addresses of US military commanders in Iraq.


The British media addresses can be accessed here

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights United Nations Office at Geneva, 1211 Geneva 10, SwitzerlandFax: + 41 22 917 9022 E-mail: tb-petitions@ohchr.org

Ban Ki Moon Secretary General of the UN via:http://www.un.org/geninfo/faq/piucontact2.asp ⇒

or send a message to: inquiries@un.org Fax: 001212-963-7055 Telephone: 001212- 963-4475

The UN Assistance Mission in Iraq. Contact director Said Arikat or information officers Furat Al-Jamil and Adnan Jarrar, or Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq Ashraf Qazi directly. Mark all mails "Urgent Action".

 UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights 

The EU Commissioner for Human Rights

Contact The British Prime Minister  via: http://www.number-10.gov.uk/output/page821.asp 

Dick Cheney : Vice President Richard Cheney: vice_president@whitehouse.gov

You also have the option of contacting members of the 'puppet government of Iraq'.

Iraqi president: Jalal Al Talabani  or- questions@iraqipresidency.net

and the prime minister :iraqigov@yahoo.com

Justice minister : head-minister@iraqi-justice.org

Interior Minister - Jawad Al Boulani

Interior ministry website: http://www.iraq-moi.com/test/index.htm 

No email address available, try info@iraq-moi.com

Embassy of the Republic of Iraq
169 Knightsbridge London SW7 1DW

Telephone: +44 207 602 8456
Fax: +44 207 371 1652

Amnesty international : eastgulf@amnesty.org

ICRC delegation P.O. Box 3317 Al Alwiyah post office BAGHDAD Tel.: (+964) 1 718 23 08 Fax: (+873) 600 343 366 In Amman Tel: (+962) 65 523 994 Fax: (+962) 65 523 954 email: iraq.iqs@icrc.org


The US occupation forces

General email address:


Army Maj. Gen. William Brandenburg Commanding General Taskforce 134 (Detainee Operations) Multi-National Force-Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq

Army Col. Bill Ivey Deputy Commander Taskforce 134 (Detainee Operations) Multi-National Force-Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq

Lt. Col. Keir Kevin Curry, Media Spokesperson Taskforce 134(Detainee Operations) Multi-National Force-Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq

Captain Tracy Giles, Media Spokesperson Taskforce 134?(Detainee Operations) Multi-National Force-Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq WILLIAM.BRANDENBURG@IRAQ.CENTCOM.MIL