Our Aims


At Houndseeker we endeavour to breed healthy hounds with good movement and breed type along with a sound happy temperament and superb character, we are a show and working kennel extremely dedicated to our hounds, first and foremost our hounds are our beloved companions who  live in the house with us and enjoy life with regular trips out to different walking areas especially loving the beach.

We only breed when we want a puppy, no adults are rehomed they live out their lives with us.

Our breeding choices are based on conformation, movement, breed type, temperament, pedigrees and health tests. All of this is taken into consideration when planning a litter.

Whilst there is no mandatory testing for Bloodhounds, we test our breeding stock for elbows under the BVA Elbow scoring scheme and hearts by a BVA approved Veterinary Surgeon. When available our hounds participate in the Breed health schemes and The Bloodhound Club eye scheme. Any hounds that have won Best of Breed titles are health checked at the show in order to gain that title.

Temperament is very important to us, our breeding stock have outgoing happy temperaments, they are large dogs and it is important to have a manageable hound in the house and when out and about.

When breeding everything is taken into consideration, conformation, type, temperament, movement and health tests, however sometimes a score may not be perfect but the dog has many attributes and value to be added to the gene pool, if this is the case the dog will be matched to another with perfect scores with intention for improvement. It is far better to know the results and work with them than have no information at all, this is part of the decision of the breeding choices made.

We have imported lines from the Czech Republic and Belgium in an effort to widen the gene pool and improve movement, conformation and temperament.

Our hounds are lively and have a strong instinct to hunt, they are not lazy couch dogs so it is important that we find the correct homes for any puppies that we breed.

We wish everyone to be happy with the puppies that we produce so choose homes very carefully to ensure the best possible outcome for the puppy and the new owner, puppies are matched to their owners regarding showing, trialing  and pet ownership, prospective owners will need to meet the hounds in our home, complete a puppy application form and be subject to a home check, answering any queries we may have.