Health Testing

Health testing is very important , responsible breeding requires that any health issues within a breed should have tests completed for those issues.

In Bloodhounds there is elbow dysplasia present in the breed, X rays can be taken and submitted under the BVA scheme, it is a relatively simple process, the results can then be used to determine any breeding choices.

Some lines have carried heart defects, there is a simple and inexpensive heart test using a stethoscope that can be carried out by a BVA approved Veterinarian, the heart is then scored under the BVA scheme.

From time to time The Bloodhound Club hold eye clinics, any hounds that are eligible for this at the time that they are held are submitted for scoring under The Bloodhound Club Eye Scheme.

The Bloodhound Club have also held a general health assessment by an independent vet, any hounds that are eligible at the time have been submitted for the assessment.

Any hounds that win Best of breed at General Championship Shows are subject to a health assessment before they are given the title of Best of Breed, all of our hounds that have won Best of Breed have passed their health assessment.

All health  conditions within the breed are kept a close eye on and information is constantly reviewed, more health testing requirements may be added as and when needed.