Links to Bloodhound Information UK, Bloodhound Breeders, Bloodhound Breed Clubs, Insurance, Dog Food and Supplies, Pet Log and Other Websites of Interest.
Bloodhound information website,  promoting health testing, responsible breeding  and providing a general resource for Bloodhound owners in the UK.

Bloodhound Kennel based in Devon,  dual purpose kennel responsibly breeding health tested litters

Bloodhound Kennel based in Czech Republic, breeding health tested litters

Charity based in Devon training Bloodhounds to search for missing dogs

UK Kennel Club, providing registrations and licensed events 
Kennel Club education resource for Judges and Breeders

Largest  database for microchipped pets in the UK

Lifetime pet insurance for dogs and cats

Award winning photography,  producing fabulous images, offering an expert  and professional service

Professional aerial photography, producing fabulous images

Graphite pencil artist producing highly detailed drawings

Wholesale food pet supplies

Medical and maintenance animal  supplies

UK Breed Club

UK Breed Club