Greetings. Salam. Shalom. Salamu Alaikum... Hello... Ola... Aloha... It is the sound of ol, el, al, all... and la, la, la, la, la...   
Welcome... feel well in this homecoming!

Wisdom is my shelter...

Love is my in-keeper...

"We are working together... co-mentoring in Divine Math & Science." 
-From Weston Schmier to Houman

Houman Z. Emami, a native of Iran (ancient Persia), has a continuing bright academic career in Philosophy and Religion, Holism and Consciousness, and a high-tech career in a number of startups. He has completed undergraduate studies in the above fields, within and without standard academic training, and he continues in his graduate and PhD thesis, "On Intuition & Theophanies". His spiritual invocation began in early teens, which took him back to his early childhood visions, and to his native ancestral teachings of the East and Middle-East. Houman became an independent spiritual pilgrim in 2003, and has been 
traveling the world since. He now fully devotes his life within the education and application of wisdom teachings and transformation, with emphasis on one's direct connection to Creator, as one interconnected whole, Unified Field, or Great-Holy- Sacred-Spirit-Mystery. Houman’s knowledge spans from various spiritual teachings, to honoring a particular heritage within a singular body of teaching. After leaving the academic world, and returning to it thrice, his approach has become more experiential, theory in service to practice. "Actions speak louder than words, and the heart's silence speaks louder than both," he often remarks, "Silence is the ground upon which love grows." 

Houman often sits in council with people of all walks; known and unknown; healers, teachers, and spiritually endowed parents and children, and assists in the development of new openings and possibilities. Due to his unique upbringing, childhood circumstances, and spiritual experiences, Houman has a deep interest in the development and education of children and parents, whose awareness of spiritual phenomena began in childhood.  One major medium employed as a practice is prayer in spirit, as one universal language of light, followed by various mediums, artistic expressions, and on occasion, interpersonal inquiry and dialogue.

His early awakenings began with a profound and conscious experience likened to the near death experience (NDE). The NDE awakening reminded him more fully of his life's calling from age five, and he recalled all that proceeded from that age in the divine plan, walking them out, remembering them step by step. His journey has been one of the most overwhelming stories one might hear. Years later, these remembrances culminated into visionary experiences, and more specifically several miraculous events of awakening
--theophanies; meaning divine interventions/encounters. This site is merely dedicated to some of his early writings; pilgrimages, insights, sharing, offering, inviting, teaching, and learning... He aspires in leading a lifestyle that, as closely as possible, mirrors the lives of a number of mystics, divine philosopher sage scientists, in the way intended for him...with a strong conviction that all bodies of teachings, and modern society at large, are of a similar ancient origin, ancestry and tribe. 

You may enter below. 
Welcome. All there is, IS Love, for Love IS...

Who am I, not I.
Who am I, but I?

Who is the Beloved? The Beloved is Essence and Presence.

Say, "Who is the Beloved? The Beloved is Essence 
IN Presence."