Houles Ranch and Boer Goats
Butcher goats and dairy goats also available!

Hello and Welcome to our new updated website. 

We have had quite a few changes this summer with our goats and the ranch itself.  We are now offering several butcher goats that were raised as our daughters 4-H projects, there are 8 of them in all.  She had a great time at our county fair and won Grand Champion with one of them.  His name was Grumpy.  He is now home with the rest of the wethers and now we must try to sell them before winter sets in here.  I will have pictures of all of the wethers on one of the pages.  We are asking $75 for each of them.  That does not include the cost of butchering.

We also will be having several does for sale this fall too. Both dairy and Boer and BoerX does.  We are cutting down our herd before winter time hits.  With the price of fuel and hay, we are reducing 50% of the herd. Approximately 35 head of goats, including 1 of our billies.


We are located in Buena Vista Colorado at 8500 feet above sea level, approximately 3 1/2 hrs west of Denver on Hwy 285, or 2 hrs west of Colorado Springs on Hwy 24.  Please feel free to call us at any time at (719)395-9448.  We love to talk goat..Or hunting or anything else.