Geographical Distribution Range Maps for Special Auxiliary Collection Offer Wood Sections
Section  of Presentation prepared by Jon P. Speller


  Geographical Distribution Range Maps for the 1,330 Wood Sections of Special Auxiliary Collection Offer

   The range maps below verify the extensive geographical distribution (46 states of the United States of America) of the Special Auxiliary Collection of wood sections that were allocated for Jon P. Speller's HOUGH'S VISUAL AID KIT in 1958. The range maps are reproduced from appropriate pages of Volumes I and II of HOUGH'S ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF AMERICAN WOODS published by Robert Speller & Sons, Publishers and edited by Jon P. Speller: 



A. Alaska-cedar




B. Mountain hemlock 



C. Swamp chestnut oak



D. Arizona sycamore 



E. Eastern redcedar


F. Slippery elm 


G. Sweetgum

H. Western white pine

I. Shellbark hickory


J. Sitka willow