2929 Tower Hill Road
P.O. Box 463
 Houghton Lake, MI 48629
                                                                             Clubhouse Phone 989-422-3987
                                                                (click on Directors for additional phone numbers) 

                  Welcome to the Houghton Lake Sportsmens Club's website. 

        Here you will find information on how to join the Club, Calendar of Events,

    Archery & Firearms Leagues, Public Events and many other interesting programs.

                                 We are NRA, CMP, MRPA affiliated.

                                                        Meetings are held on the first Monday of every month at 7 PM.

     Exceptions are if the meeting falls on a holiday, then it would be on the following Monday. 

    There is no December meeting, instead a Christmas Party is held on the first Saturday in December. 

The Houghton Lake Sportsmen's Club was founded in 1952 and is a not for profit organization, supported

 wholly by member's dues, private donations and annual fundraisers.  We are a family friendly organization

 featuring an enjoyable and safe environment for shooting and archery activities. 




                                                   CLUB MEMBERSHIP

The Houghton Lake Sportsman's Club welcomes anyone into the Club who has an interest in the sport of Archery and Firearms shooting activity in a safe and enjoyable environment. Eligibility extends to any person who is a citizen of the United States and who has attained the age of 18 years or older.

Application for a new membership shall be endorsed by at least one existing member of the Club, who will be their sponsor.  The applicant shall be presented to the Board of Directors at the next Membership Meeting where the applicant will be approved for membership by a majority vote of the Membership.  Any new applicant who does not have a member sponsor shall be interviewed by at least one Board member who will act as their sponsor. 

Membership Application Forms and the Hold Harmless Forms are available on this website (scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on to "Membership Application Form" highlighted below).  Forms are also available at the HLSC clubhouse.

Membership renewal dues are $60.00 per year.  New applicants are assessed an initiation fee of an additional $10.00 to their dues.  The membership calendar year runs from June 1st of the current year until May 31st of the following year.  All members are required to sign a "Hold Harmless Agreement" upon acceptance into the club and for each annual renewal.  New members undergo an orientation presentation of the Club which includes a study of the Range Safety Rules of the Houghton Lake Sportsmen's Club along with an outline of the "Work Hours" volunteer program of the Club (see more information below detailing the Work Hours Obligation).

Members have access to all of the Club's facilities and range areas during the year.  A member's family (their spouse, children under the age of 18 and grandchildren under the age of 18) may have use of the facilities when accompanied by a member.  Members may also invite guests to enjoy the offerings of the Club.  Any non-member who accompanies a member to the range facilities must turn in a signed "Hold Harmless Agreement" in order to use the ranges.      


                                               ATTENTION MEMBERS                                                      

If your membership lapses for sixty (60) days or more past the due date of June 1st, payment of the $10.00 initiation fee will be added to your club renewal dues amount of $60.00, making your renewal amount $70.00 in order to be reinstated as a member.

All members must fill out the Membership Application/Renewal Form and a new Hold Harmless Form each year at renewal time.  These forms do not get mailed out -- you access the forms on this website (scroll to the bottom of this page and click on "Membership Application Form" highlighted below) or pick up the forms at the clubhouse.  These forms are to accompany your renewal payment.  Our mailing address is shown on the form and at the top of this page.  Mail your renewals to the Post Office Box address.    

Members are also reminded of the "Work Hours" obligation.  As a member you agree to volunteer for a minimum of 8 hours per year for activities and projects in and around the club.  Any member not fulfilling this requirement will be assessed an additional fee of $25.00 to be added onto their renewal dues, for a total of $85.00 to renew their membership.

Your membership renewals are to be turned in to/mailed to the attention of Membership Director, Bob Bonacorsi.  If you have any further questions regarding your club membership renewal you may contact Bob at 989-366-1340 or email him at rbonacorsi1340@charter.net .      


                                                        WORK HOURS OPPORTUNITES

An obligation of being a member at the Houghton Lake Sportsmen's Club is to support your club by way of volunteering your time for the various events and activities going on in and around the club.  Each member  promises to fulfill 8 hours of volunteer time during the year. 

There are many opportunities to fulfill this obligation of "work hours" throughout the year.  Volunteers are always needed as range assistants (change/collect targets, ammo) during the numerous Shooting Matches currently on the calendar of events.  Members can help out setting up the range targets for our Action Pistol League and Fun Shoots.  Other ways to obtain your work hours credits would be to help out during the annual Gun Show, Garage Sale and the Open House.  Clean up crews are always needed to help out with range cleaning after a shooting event or meeting, volunteering to work on some of the upcoming indoor and outdoor improvement projects being planned for the club this year, stopping by with your rake, mower or trimmer to clear leaves, trim or cut grass during the summer.  Clearing the snow in the parking lot and by the entryway is always appreciated during the winter.  If you enjoy baking you can provide homemade treats for the monthly Membership Meetings.  Any task, any small job, any assistance that you provide for the club can count toward the work hours obligation.    

When a member has completed any volunteer task for the club, credit is given by filling out a "work hours completed" form and placing it in the mail slot to Bob Bonacorsi (Membership Director) located inside the clubhouse in the kitchen area.  



                                             PROJECT APPLESEED

The Houghton Lake Sportsmen's Club will be hosting the participants of the "Project Appleseed" program for 2015 on Saturday & Sunday July 11th - 12th and on Saturday & Sunday August 22nd - 23rd.  The program takes place from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on the Saturday dates and from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on the Sunday dates.  This is a 2-day weekend training clinic that teaches the participants the traditional skills of rifle marksmanship from a standing, sitting, kneeling and prone position.  Information about this program and registering for it can be found by going to the Project Appleseed website: appleseedinfo.org where you will find all the necessary details about this event.  

"Project Appleseed" is a non-profit organization that began in April 2006 in Ramseur, North Carolina by the "Revolutionary War Veterans Association" - a group  of volunteer instructors that developed a nationwide program in teaching traditional rifle marksmanship skills, keeping alive the history and early American heritage of the founding fathers.  The organization commemorates the historic date of April 19, 1775 and the Battles of Lexington and Concord.  

                                                "By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
                                                  Their flag to April's breeze unfurled,
                                                  Here once the embattled farmers stood, 
                                                  And fired the shot heard 'round the world."

                                                                                         -- "Concord Hymn" by Ralph Waldo Emerson
                                                                                                          July 4, 1837

Please visit the "Project Appleseed" website to read more about the organization's mission and commitment to preserving this important time in our history. 



                                             Membership Meetings

                                                       on the first Monday of each month

                                                               January 5, 2015 7pm

                                                               February 2, 2015 7pm

                                                               March 2, 2015 7pm

                                                               April 6, 2015  7pm

                                                               May 4, 2015 7pm

                                                               June 1, 2015 7pm

                                                               July 6, 2015 7pm

                                                               August 3, 2015 7pm

                                                               September 14, 2015 7pm

                                                               October 5, 2015 7pm

                                                               November 2, 2015 7pm

                                                               No December Meeting

                                         (Christmas Party Saturday, December 5, 2015 6pm)

                                         Houghton Lake Sportsmen's Club, 2929 Tower Hill Road

                                                       Houghton Lake, Michigan 48629

                                                                      Thank you,
                                                                 Board of Directors
                                                       Houghton Lake Sportsmen's Club




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