Hot Typer - Real typing on the iPhone and iPod Touch - fun and easy.

now updated for iOS 4 

"This is the most practical application I`ve found for the iPhone"
- Dan from San Diego

"Thanks for a great app".

 - Chris from Buffalo NY

"Just gotta say, I LOVE this app!!!
Absolute Genius!!! But, be warned it's
totally addicting and so much fun!
- Susan from Seagoville, TX

So what is Hot Typer?
We designed Hot Typer for easy typing using full size keys for greater speed and accuracy. Hot Typer now includes:
  • inline expansions of shortcuts
  • auto-corrections - e.g. ive becomes I've
  • user defined shortcuts
  • email support
  • "copy on exit" support (allowing Hot Typer notes to be pasted into other applications such as SMS)
  • keyboard based on the traditional Qwerty but condensed into 6 keys!
  • easy access to extended symbols such as umlauts  (...and much more)
There will be a learning curve, right?
Yes. But some of our beta testers have started developing a good speed within only 10 minutes!
To aid the learning process we have included a multi-level and multi-stage typing game. This provides you with a progressive learning path and also keeps track of your achievements in terms of speed and accuracy.

Learning the shortcuts is also easy. Just type your message in full and when Hot Typer spots a word you have typed that it knows a shortcut for, it will momentarily display the shortcut. So next time you need to type that word you can type the shortcut instead.

What's in the different versions of Hot Typer?
Hot Typer Lite is a free install. It will allow you to play the whole game and learn the keyboard but it does have some restrictions: numbers and symbols are not available and the shortcuts are limited. You can send what you have typed direct to an email.

Hot Typer Fast allows full access to the number and symbols and also has the full 3000 word shortcut and correction list, but with a maximum of 50 user shortcuts. There is full cut and paste for sending text to other apps. You can swap between Hot Typer and the Apple qwerty keyboard too.

Hot Typer Pro  also allows unlimited user shortcuts and lets you add a background picture and change font size, and more.

Screen Shots

user quides:
quick start pro v2.1
quick start fast v2.1
quick start lite v2.1

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