Shauce Original

  We're watching our fan base grow. They tell us not to change the flavor, so we're doing our best to keep it as it is. 

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Shauce team

Our newer bottles are 6 oz (instead of 5 oz).
Price and taste: still the same!

Hello Shauce Family!

You can find us at at all of the Market of Choice stores all over Oregon- Portland metro area (4 stores), Corvallis, Eugene (3 stores), Bend, Ashland!

In Portland, you can find us in Bales and Lambs Thriftway stores at Cedar Mill (NW Portland) and Garden Home (SW Portland).

You can also find/taste/buy us at the Mad Greek Deli. Try their Greek fries, gyros, salads and of course, that fantastic Baklava!
Plus, at Duffy's Irish Pub, you can taste our fabulous hot sauce at their Taco Tuesdays! 

In addition to MOC stores, in Eugene, we are at Sundance Natural Foods and Capella Market stores!

Thank you for your continuous support & stay tuned for more stores to be added to this list!