NO MOCHA LEFT BEHIND! We are Family. We will Push, Support, and Challenge each other. We are HOT on this journey TOGETHER, and it is NOT one to be taken lightly. We must COMMIT to OURSELVES and our Team! PARTICIPATION in Challenges AND within our team thread is NECESSARY for survival!! Participating benefits you AND your TEAM. We WORK together, so in order to be more effective YOU MUST participate WITH us. We must engage ourselves in order to CHALLENGE ourselves.

As Mocha, YOU can EXPECT Wednesday: Weigh In day, Thursday: Tone N Trim (TNT), Friday-Monday: Weekend Challenge, Tuesday: Last Chance Workout (LCW). Each week you will work toward your fitness Skill Level. In order to earn Levels, you must complete your Weekly Stats on our Mocha website.

We are MANIACS about nutrition and exercise. The Mocha Captains know what this journey is all about; we’ve lost a collective total of 214 pounds. If you need to be CHALLENGED we are the team for you. We don’t expect perfection, but we do expect participation.

So if you are looking for a Family to MOTIVATE, CHALLENGE and SUPPORT you on your journey, then we INVITE you to be a HOT MOCHA MANIAC!