Try Google: My best friend -Make the best use of Google Products

All this I did personally and these are my personal experiences. No company or institute is responsible for the content of the page. If you find this useful, my efforts will be worthwhile.

First of let me tell you my idea in brief. I hope by now you have visited the catiimatales and cricketvideosonly blogs created by me - yeah, that's the business plan. Earn from home by putting in an interesting concept and creating an website. Then popularize it and it will generate revenues for you. 

Now, a non-IT guy like me without any internet knowledge - how is it possible for me? I decided to explore google with a business plan in mind. First create in your mind a business plan: to sell a product or an idea or something else. That I can't help. I can help you in materializing it. You need not to spend a penny to register your website and submit to search engines - Google: My best friend -Make the best use of Google Products is there for you for everything!

Step 1: Create a website

"Now I did not have a software background to start with! How am I supposed to create an website??" Don't worry my friend Google will help you out! It's too easy. Google operates with WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Give. Log on to google pages (right click on the link and open in a separate window: follow the guidelines mentioned here and you'll create a wonderful webpage!). 

Start with your homepage. Put the idea in a creative and interesting way to capture your audience. Once you are through the site will auromatically save everything for you. Now publish and see what more you need to do. You can create linked pages just like I created, with different designs and templates. The inbuilt templates are quite cool in googlepages.

Step 2: Popularize it

Now you have a content to sell. Where to popularize it! Nothing better than orkut and google groups. Log on to orkut. Search communities specifically meant for the purpose and voilla! You get an instant audience. You can't get so rich an audience like orkut. But, don't spam! Putting a topic on the NBs will be enough for it, as I found out. You don't need to paste links to everyones scrapbook or mail them. Then you may get barred from orkut! Remember it!

Step 3: Adsense

A very good product from google is adsense. It provides your website with relevant advertisements which will generate revenues for you. I found for my websites, the advertisements are very relevant. Go to adsense, the link is given here. Then do the following steps:

  • Create a profile for yourself and register giving a valid email ID and address. Your cheques will be delivered to this address periodically.
  • Put in there the websites for which you need google advertisements
  • Initially google will display public service ads, once your proposal gets approved (took one day for me! So quick!) immediately ads will start pouring in!
  • Now relax and enjoy! You have done a great thing!

 Step 4: Adwords

Another magical product from google to popularize your website. You can quote the price you want to pay per visitor visiting your website. It works this way - google will take note of your ad and punch line you created for the ad (Make it very catchy to attract people), then will put the same ads in adsense and will be visible in many many websites around the world to attract visitors to your website. More the quality visitors, more is your income! That's simple!

Step 5: Google Base

Here conveniently by your google account you can put in your advertisements for the rest of the world to see. A very convenient way to popularize your website. I found it very useful. Take a look at the advertisements created by google base on the catiimatales and cricketvideosonly pages. Publicize your page too here. It will generate extra traffic.

Step 6: Google Analytics

It's one of the best products I came across on net. It will track your website and let you know the source of your traffic. Say in my case it was orkut. Hence, I'll try to concentrate more on orkut to publicize my page.

It needs you to go to the html view of your page and paste a link there at the bottom. That's it! I found it so easy. Mail me if you've any difficulty doing it. 

Step 7: Last piece

Now google has supplementary products like 

  • Google search
  • Firefox with Google toolbar
  • Picasa picture browser

All these are wonderful products. I personally use firefox - it's without any virus problem and there's no crashing problem whenever you are doing something important. It's the best browser I have seen. Now it comes with an inbuilt google search engine too. Great combo indeed! 

Picasa is also another fantastic product. You can arrange all the picture (.jpg, .bmp, etc.) and also the movie files (.wmv, .mpg. .dat, etc.) in your comp together and you don't have to search all files and folders to locate a particular file.

You can put them in your website to get more from google.

Take a look at all the sites I created, including this site without any knowledge of HTML or .NET. If I can do it and earn - you can do it too.

Now I am learning HTML, it's very simple. My next note will be on html - how to learn html in a day and use it to create great websites. Watch this blog everyday. Something new will be here.