My misadventures with internet and help I got from Mitanshu, a master of web applications

With a determination to use internet but unfortunately without any basic information technology knowledge I decided to try my luck! I enrolled myself to various survey sites, sites which tell that you need to read emails or receive posts to generate some money, and some click to earn sites. Unfortunately like all you people, my experience also resulted in zero income and full mental tension!

Take my words in writing - nothing comes free in this world. You need to invest something to get results. If something appears too nice to be true, then it's not true! If you don't believe me and still hope that some messiah will pay you - ASK YOURSELF the following questions:

  • Who on the earth pays you to read emails? Will you pay? No! Then?
  • Who will pay you to forward emails? Why will they pay? I would rather create several IDs and forward them myself - isn't it? In a way by forwarding fake emails to various IDs you are promoting spamming! That's not done!
  • Why would survey sites of US take you as respondents when you are in India and know little or nothing about the products there? Which Indian company surveys through e-surveyors? Rather they would do that in their site only - isn't it?

But, my determination did not wane. Then a friend told be about  GOOGLE - internet users BEST FRIEND. I thought of using google products to develop a business plan; my business management knowledge helped me a lot for that. I must also name Mitanshu, my dear friend whose entrepreneurship in internet prompted me to use google products and come up with this unique concept. 

Now everyone knows about google. We, internet non-experts, know only about google search engine, google mail or gmail and gtalk. We spend hours chating or talking to our beloved ones on gtalk - that's what we think of the utility of google. No my friend you are wrong! Think about anything your BEST FRIEND ON INTERNET - GOOGLE is there for you.

Now I'll share my learnings with you with the hope that you won't fall in the trap and stop forwarding junk emails which promises you a million but delivers nothing!

For the knowledge to use Google, click on the Google link given below.