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Harley - Dogo Argentino, Born 9/24/01

(Harley at 4mo and 45lbs)

(Harley at almost 6mo, 68lbs)

(Harley at almost 8mo (90lbs), Skylar at 4yrs)

(Harley '04, and Skylar)

(Harley '06)

(Harley '07 - 108lbs)

(Harley '08)

(Harley in a thermal, Dogo's aren't a fan of cold. Link our Boxer/Pit Foster)
Pack socialization. King (blue nose American Pitbull Terrier), Hank (American Staffordshire Terrier), Harley, Cozi (Brindle Boxer).
This picture was taken 2 months before our beloved Harley passed, 2 days after her 11th birthday. We miss you sweet girl!

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