Below are some of the many dogs we have personally saved from kill shelters around the US.

Hank - 6yo AmStaff - Just look at that face. We had been doing rescue ourselves before we found this guy, but once we saw this face we decided to do an actual shelter pull and fostered him through Kansas Pitbull. We found him a good home but unfortunetly as things happen the family didn't have time for him and left him crated too long and he ended up eating through the bottom of his cage and through the new berber.. UH OH.. So now he lives with us permanently. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Autumn - 4yo APBT - Autumn was a sweetest little Chocolate pitterbull. Nice little petite pocket pit, great manners, good with kids. She was with us for almost a year as we waited for the right home for her.

Bandit - 2yo American Bulldog - Came through our rescue as a Dogo but we knew once we got him that he was most definitely an American Bulldog, and a pretty nice one at that. Had a habit of sitting on other dogs and people heads. Found a great home in Texas!

Goda - 4yo Dogo or DaneX - Had her pulled and the "overnight" foster fell in love with her and kept her. (That happens alot to me btw.)

Barney - Great Dane - 4mo old pup that was pulled out of a neglect case. We picked him up, kept him several days, and arranged transport to Dane Estates in Phoenix.

Gwen - Dogo Argentino - Rescued from California. Temp foster fell in love with her and she's been living the good life since.

Link - 9mo old Pit/Boxer - Pulled from a kill shelter in California because he was positively ID'd by a breeder as a Dogo Argentino. /sigh.. Deaf, dog aggressive, food aggressive. To say he was a challenge is to put it mildly. We taught him sign, and got him socialized. He's now living happily on a farm in Phoenix, with a nice deaf man. It was an interesting match.