About Us

Helping Out The Homeless Animal Rescue (HOTH-AR) is a Molosser and Rare Bully Breed Rescue (we specialize in Dogo Argentinos and American Bulldogs) located in Sierra Vista, Arizona. We are not currently 501c3 as we don't intake enough animals, we average about 2-3 rescues a year. We do not take in owner surrenders, all of our dogs come from abuse/neglect cases as well as from KILL shelters all over the US. We have a growing network of Molosser and Bully breed rescues and strive to help people find the perfect pet for their family.

You can email us or find us on Face book by clicking here.

If you would like to donate please chip-in. Donations go toward shelter pull fees, spay/neuter, collars, leashes, crates, and various other expenses. Though we charge an adoption fee the fee typically doesn't cover all the expenses we've paid while fostering an animal.

Estimated cost of pulling and getting an animal ready for adoption for 6 months:
Pull fee: $65 - $150
Spay/Neuter: $100-$250
Initial shots: $65-$95
Medicine (Most dogs get Kennel Cough): $20-150
HW treatment: 0-$450
Vet wellness check (atleast 2 in 6 months): $70
Collar/Leash: $12
Crate: $60-$90
Transport: 0-$200
Food (some dogs require grain free kibble that can run up to $45 a bag): $252 - $540

Total: $644 - $2007

Adoption Fee: $150-$400


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