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Delph Bio Spa

Because we know you deserve it, we at Delph Bio Spa invite you to enjoy the most relaxing experience. Not only you will reach a new level of physical relaxation, but also your mind and body will be transported to a place of exotic beauty, tranquil aromas and the most delicate instrumental music to further enhance your treatment. The various elements of the treatments are what heals your spirit and places you in-touch with your transformed "inner self". It allows you new freedom to be one with the moment, the moment of your life...

"Delph Bio-Spa... naturally in our hands"



Therapeutic Massage
This deep tissue massage works with music therapy, aromatherapy, and a combination of different massage techniques to create the ultimate in relaxation bliss. This one hour treatment is strongly recommended for those suffering from muscular problems, stress, fatigue, and tension
Duration:    1 hour:  Price: $70     1/2 hour: Price: $45


Swedish Massage
Our version of a traditional European massage that incorporates various American techniques. Feel relaxed and revitalized by the various essential oils and relaxing music. Let your self discover an exceptional way of recovering from daily stress.
Duration:1 hour: Price $70


A foot massage taken to a whole new level! This treatment uses the ancient art of foot massage to stimulate different organs in your body, by applying pressure to various points on your feet. Reflexology restores balance and inner harmony, while alleviating many of your common ailments.
Duration: 30 minutes.  Price $45


Hot Rocks Massage
Duration: 1 hours.  Price $80


Reflexology with Hot Rocks
Duration 1/2 hour.  Price $55


Neck, Shoulders, and Back Massage
Duration 40 min.  Price $50



An exhilarating treatment to remove dead skin cells and to hydrate the body. This specially designed treatment incorporates the use of a special organic grass combined with aromatherapy and massage. This treatment is made with natural herbs, coffee and/or natural fruits.

Duration: 1 hour


Natural herb exfoliation.    Price $75


Tropical fruits exfoliation. Price $75


Coffee exfoliation              Price $75


Chocolate exfoliation.        Price $80


                            (with massage $95)





Get all wrapped up in the sensation of pure nature. A body exfoliation prepares your skin for the volcanic mud wrap that is to follow. A treatment carefully designed to purify your mind and body. Discover all that nature has to offer!

Duration: 1 hour


Complete Mud Wrap.            Price $75


Chocolate and honey wrap.  Price $85


Ful body fruits wrap.            Price $75







Facial treatments



Bio Bliss Facial

This treatment begins with an application of special cleansing products to remove and extract impurities from the skin. Followed by an invigorating exfoliation treatment which removes the dead skin cells while revitalizing the appearance and feel of your skin. Finally the application of a deep cleansing mud mask and the finishing treatment of a mini-massage, makes your skin feel like new!

 Duration: 1 hour $75


Facial massage

A relaxing massage that stimulates the circulation in your face, neck and shoulders and allows for the absorption of healing hydrating creams. Perfect for any time of day or when you just need a little break.

 Duration: 30 minutes.  Price $35


Deep Cleansing Mud Mask

This treatment begins with a mini-facial, followed by the application of a deep cleansing mud mask. Enjoy a gentle neck and shoulder massage while the goodness of nature helps heal and nourish your skin. Suitable for all skin types.

 Duration: 30 minutes.  Price $40


Caribean Mask with coconut     Price $40


Chocolate Mask                         Price $45




Manicure & Pedicure


Manicure                                    Price $20


Spa Manicure                              Price $35


Pedicure                                      Price $30


Spa Pedicure                               Price $30


Parafin treatment                        Price $25

(hands or feat)




Special Packages


#1. The best!

(includes exfoliations, facial mask, full body wrap and massage)

Duration 2 Hours.  Price $180


#2. Volcano Massage 

(Massage-Mud Mask)

Duration 1:15 Min.  Price $90


#3. Renovation

(full body mud wrap-massage)

Duration 1:30 Min.  Price $100


#4. Caribbean Style

(massage and coconut and honey exfolation)

Duration 1:15 Min.  Price $110


#5. Sweet Sensations

(exfoliations and chocolate)

Duration 1:30 Min.  Price $110


#6. After Sunnig Renovation

(white mud wrap with aloe vera gel)

Duration 1:15 Min.  Price $105


#7. Exotic Cocoa

(coffee exfoliations, chocolate wrap and massage)

Duration 1:15 Min.  Price $115


#8. Full Day Spa

(exfoliation, wrap, massage, facial massage xxx)

Duration 4:30 Min.  Price $300


waxing, bikini, legs and different areas


Prices Subject to change without notice. 

For more information please call (506) 363-0036 or (506) 849-7068.