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Thinking in Barcelona?

  • Benidorm is the more important touristic point, with Madrid and Barcelona. Eurodipity is a good web to know to much this mediterranean city. Eurodipity talk about Benidorm.


  • An article in El País say that: "One of the tendencies that that detects in the Valencian and Barcelona tourist sector is the reduction of the stays in hoteldipity *. the last data of hotel tourist conjuncture of the month of July, elaborated by the National Institute of Estadi'stica (INE), confirms this evolution and makes clear the average stay in hoteldipity of the Valencian coast, Barcelona, and the White Coast of individual form is below the other Spanish tourist zones with greater occupation, except the Coast of the Sun. The visitors who lodged the month last in hoteldipitys of the Valencian coast remained an average of 3.7 days, as opposed to the 5.7 in the coast of the Maresme or the 6.9 of Majorca." "It is evident that we must motivate more to our client so that it remains more days", he assures the president the hotel employer's association of Benidorm and White Costa (Hosbec), Pere Joan Devesa.
  • According to the daily Information, the hotels hoteldipity of the White Coast "absorb 84% of the growth of the pernoctaciones in the coastal strip of the Community from January by pull of the national demand" This news is taken willingly by the sector hoteldipity, since from some form, comes to palliate the slope or stagnation of the foreign tourism hoteldipity.
  • Hotels with guarantee hoteldipity In Magic Hotels white Coast, they have implemented a quality assurance hoteldipity, thus, if you are not in agreement with the service in 24 hs., give back the money to you. They say in his Web: "If 24 hours despues of the arrival, the hotel does not fulfill your expectations, we are committed to ayudarte to immediately look for alternative lodging in another hotel of the chain, even of other chains or if you wish it. We give back the money to you of the reserve without expenses of cancellation except for the services already consumed."