Accolades and Testimonials

Here is what some of our friends are saying about us, along with some of the press coverage we have worked hard to earn...

I must first suggest that you go on line and read our many wonderful reviews.  One of the bad ones was placed there by my first baker after I did threaten to evict him for non payment of rent and he left town in a huff.  It is largely fictional though based in his friends visit.  They did leave without paying.   Aside from that, a competitor has begun to write bad ones as well and little can be done to stop it. the good ones are real which is not altogether common on line. I do have to remember to ask people to leave them.

 We were listed in the BEST of the "Midwest Magazine" as the place to stay while in Alma in 2011, 2012 and 2013 and 2016.
Our garden was featured on Wisconsin Gardener on Wisconsin Public Television on June of 2011.  I had a great time with my co-star Shelley Ryan.
The "Minneapolis Star" featured the shop in its Alma section on July 7, 2011 Taste section. "Go for the swank antiques, stay for the beverages, ice cream and homey pastries, baked at Kordiak's Alma Bakery down the street."
"Mpls St Paul Magazine," July 2011,  lists both Hotel de Ville and Fire & Ice in its "Designers Guide to Lake Pepin," featuring some of the finer places to visit along the lake.
"Dairy Star," yes "THE" Dairy Star newspaper featured Fire and Ice in its July 9, 2011 issue - who needs "Gourmet" when you can be in "Dairy Star" selling quality dairy ice cream!  We had a great time visiting with a group of dairy farmers who were traveling the river by boat.

"The Lavender", the twin cities premier GLBT magazine gave us a great  writeup in the May 2012 issue.

We've gone international with a write up in the London Free Press, London, Canada in October of 2013.

In the year 2012, I know we were given a great review in the Duluth Minnesota paper and we were in an article in the Dubuque Herald Telegraph in Iowa, and "Chicago" magazine. It is all hard to believe unless you've heard our typical guest upon walking into a suite. 

We made a list of the top 12 gardens, keeping company with the St Paul Como Park Conservatory no less, in the BIG RIVER summer Travel Issue 2015. 
 Our Empire Room was written up in the Minneapolis Star Tribune in 2016 in the food review section where the respected food critic, Rick Nelson, suggested a visit while traveling the river.  Quite the honor.
Overall,  you get the idea. I miss most of these things now as the Hotel de Ville in a destination hotel by now and is written up regularly now in many places. Please don't short yourself - stay here before I grow too old to keep this lavish and fascinating place open.  Nothing lasts forever, but if you stay here, you will never forget it, I promise you.