"The Ice Cream Guys" 


Jeff and Dan had visited the prior owner of the Twelve Mile Store ( the name of the ice cream shop since 1981) and fell in love with the garden hidden behind the store. The dream was to expand it to cover the historic limestone walls built behind the building. Jeff just imagined how great it would be to sit in a European style garden and enjoy a cup of cappuccino or coffee with a special dessert. Fire and Ice was born out of that desire!  We hit Alma in a snowstorm in March of 2005 and were somewhat dissapointed at how much more work it was to open a French style shop than we'd seen in the movie "Chocolat".  It has been well worth the  massive effort to restore the lower wooded garden and create a Formal garden that has features of both French and Italian design. We put in an exhausting two weeks traveling to five differant bronze crafting studios to bring home some life sized bronze statuary and fountains in the classic European style.  The Hotel de Ville was an afterthough as we had to do something with the rest of the building but has turned out to be something pretty special and successful.  Dan builds it and jeff runs the hotel totally himself - along with the ice cream and coffee shop.  The Hotel de Ville is getting to be as large as anything in the area and has begun to host seminars and parties on occasion. Success is killing us but what a wonderful way to go.  The endless thanks we receive from our wonderful guests make it truely worth our effort.  After only three years well over half our guests are "regulars" who return to visit us several times a year.  We greatly appreciate all of them.