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We have club sponsors, you'll notice from the frequent use of their logos, these have been separated from the main links firstly as a thank you for their support and secondly so that you are aware that they are sponsors. However, we do genuinely recommend and use our sponsors products and services so can speak from experience of their quality.

We are working on providing a variety of benefits to sponsors depending on how good people are to us. If you are interested please e-mail us

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Extremeworks -Italian supplier of top class table football goods
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 Superfooty Table Soccer  Extremeworks Table Soccer Supaslide
SuperFooty® provides the ultimate experience in traditional Table Soccer and brings all of the excitement and tension of the big game directly into your home. The thrills and skills are in your hands, tactics are at your fingertips and winning is never far from reach. Extreme Works was born on the table. From a meeting of many SUBBUTEO players discussing common technical problems. Experiences and ideas formed  an “expertise pool” that launched a challenge: offer to everybody plays Table Soccer the possibility to abandon every compromise!

SupaSlide is a new and secure online store for Subbuteo/Table Football equipment, including our own brand products such as:

We will be donating your money back into the game by sponsorship or bringing you great new tournaments.

We hope to produce and add more unique products throughout 2013, so stayed tuned.

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