Community Outreach

In the past year, Heart of the City Foundation served more than 35,420 people in downtown Columbus with free  services provided by a variety of partners. All people are welcome to receive these services regardless of race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, family configuration, mental capacity, age, or religious affiliation. While all programs serve the whole person, they are targeted as follows:
Serving Physical Needs:

Manna Café: Provides an average of 179 meals every Wed.evening to those hungry for food, hungry for eating a meal with friends and family, and hungry for a listening ear or helping hand from the numerous
volunteers who work at the Café every week. 9,309 meals were served in 2012.

Open Shelter Meals: Provides hot meals every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights to homeless men, women and families. 16,085 meals were served in 2012.

The Inn at Broad: Provides housing and counseling to two families who live at Broad Street for six months to two years.

Emergency Assistance: Provides daily assistance to people/households through the Serving One food pantry, through providing a safe place to shower, and through providing funds for such needs as identification cards, bus passes,
laundry fees and occasional rental assistance, and utilities.

Bethlehem on Broad Street: Provides a Christmas food box, a Christmas party, and counseling services to over 1200 families at the holidays.

Serving Justice:

Interfaith Legal Clinic: Provides free legal services by volunteer attorneys to an average of 35 people a month.

Serving Spiritual Needs:

Open Table: Provides a weekly prayer and communion service for all persons regardless of
faith perspective or life situation. Central Ohio School of Servant Leadership: Provides training to those that dedicate themselves to serve people who are marginalized or economically distressed.

Serving Children, Families, and the Community:

CampFire MegaClub: youth participate in a Camp Fire club at Broad St. that develops their leadership skills and practical knowledge all in a fun-filled environment.

Recreation Program: Provides use of Broad St. gym to college students downtown.

Childrens Defense Fund Freedom School: Provides (with Ohio Children’s Defense Fund*) a six-week, five-day-a-week, literacy-based, multicultural enrichment program for elementary age children that maintains reading ability through the summer, fosters engagement in social action, motivates community service, and hires six college- age servant leader interns to lead the school.

Serving Emotional Needs:

Twelve Step Programs: 501 AA: Provides a traditional Alcoholic Anonymous support group 8 sessions a week. AA serves an average of 75 persons weekly.