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HT002 Safety hood release

  • stainless steel actuator
  • industrial rod-end pivot
  • polished aluminum pull rod
  • black plastic pull knob
  • includes all mounting hardware and instructions
  • 60$ plus shipping





HT003 Fuel line kit

  • polished stainless steel tubing
  • pre-bent ready to install (some trimming  required for proper fit)
  • includes brass 'T' fitting, bracket to water pump, 2 rubber fuel hoses and 4 hose clips
  • 100$ plus shipping



also available for SU carbs


  HT004 Shroud cover

  • polished stainless steel cover with TR6 logo cut thru
  • pre-cut and scored black corrugated plastic shroud
  • includes all mounting hardware and instructions
  • 150$ plus shipping





HT006 Key chains

  • stainless steel key chain for any make and model
  • measures 9/16'' x 2" approx.
  • mirror finish: 15$ plus shipping
  • brush finish: 10$ plus shipping
  • also available in a smaller size for zipper pulls



HT007 Custom cut logo

  • made of stainless steel for durability
  • can be mirror polished, brush finished or even painted
  • will quote upon request

 HT010 Shifter boot kit

  • polished aluminum clamp ring
  • real black leather boot
  • shifter knob stop nut sewn in boot
  • stainless steel oval head screws included
  • shifter knob not included
  • 70$ plus shipping




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