10th JULY 2017

Co-located with ICME 2017 @ Hong Kong

Keynote Lectures

  • Hot3D website up and running
  • Call for papers is available here

Important deadlines:

Regular Paper Submission (up to 6 pages): March 3, 2017  March 13, 2017
Notification of Regular Paper Acceptance:  April 7, 2017
Position Paper Submission (up to 2 pages): April 7, 2017
Camera‐Ready Paper Due (Regular & Position): April 19, 2017

Workshop description:

The 3D community continues to innovate and evolve, with greater focus on enabling augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) experiences. There have been amazing breakthroughs on 3D capture and acquisition, and a great deal of study on various representation models, including light fields, point clouds, meshes and holographic data. 3D display technology continues to advance and head-mounted displays are becoming more popular. Additionally, more realistic 3D scene generation has been enabled, and 3D audio has the potential to enhance the immersive experience through advanced sound field rendering methods.
While appropriate venues for presenting research at advanced stages are plentiful, the 3D multimedia community needs an appropriate venue for receiving feedback during early or initial stages of the development of radical and potentially disruptive technologies. This is the void that Hot3D tries to fill.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • 3D Acquisition: microlens arrays, multi-camera, depth sensing, holography
  • 3D Representation: light fields, point clouds, meshes, holography
  • 3D Processing: filtering, stereo, calibration, registration
  • 3D Compression: functionalities (scalability, random access, error resilience, etc.) and tools (transforms, prediction, quantization, etc.) 
  • 3D Rendering: modeling, synthesis, surface reconstruction
  • 3D Display: free viewpoint, multiview, head-mounted, holographic
  • 3D Quality: objective metrics, subjective methodologies, user experience issues
  • 3D Application Scenarios: requirements, functionalities, experiences