Hostgator Vs Bluehost Review 2018 – Which is The Best Web Host?

Are you seeking new web hosting services?  Or are you simply looking to shift your website to a new web hosting company? Whatever the reasons, there is great importance to weigh your options before settling down to a service.

With the rising numbers of different web hosting providers, selecting the right one can be an arduous task. In this feature, we will take a deeper look at the topmost web hosting companies, Hostgator and Bluehost and attempt to pit them against each other to find the best between the two.

Comparison of the Web Hosting Services Features

Web Hosting solely relies on certain foundations that make it the most popular or simply, cut it off from the rest. Let us compare the features of both and identify the winners in each category before making a final judgment.

  1. Reliability and Performance

We understand that online success entirely depends on reliable web hosting services measured by experience, uptime lengths, effective backup and data retrieval services.

Both BlueHost and HostGator are most recommended due to their performances. Each providing 99.9% uptime guarantee. However, the number of outages in BlueHost was seemingly frequent compared to HostGator.

The response time for each is also different with HostGator having the fastest response over BlueHost.

HostGator data centers are well equipped, connected to 10 backbone providers. It also invests heavily each year to better performance through new technology. Bluehost uses CPU Segregation technology, a feature that automatically controls CPU and further protects your site from bad users.

A dedicated web hosting service, should not let you experience any downtime. Your website visitors will easily locate your site compared to sites that experience downtimes. Moreover, if you have an e-commerce business, you run the risk of losing out on customers and potential revenue without a dedicated web hosting service.

According to these parameters, HostGator appears to be the top candidate, having portrayed exemplary results over each test carried.

  1. Security and Data Protection

What is web hosting without security elements? A bloom of doom for sure. Web Hosting Companies must be conscious of their web hosting security to combating rising incidences of hacking and malware attacks that are destructive to any online services. Both HostGator and BlueHost have hosting packages that include security features for the types of data transferred (personal, financial and private). All the while, internet access is aided by dedicated secure servers and furthermore, have a backup in case of anything out of the blue, to restore your data.

  1. Storage space

All HostGator plans provide the subscriber with unlimited disk space, enabling you to upload media however you like without worrying about your server space. However, the BlueHost Plus and Business plans are the only plans that have unlimited space, while its Starter Plan comes with 100 GB limited capacity.

For those new to the hosting industry, or starting out, Bluehost would seem less appealing with its limited space and they ought to go directly to HostGator’s Hatchling plan which has unlimited storage space.

  1. Speed and Bandwidth

Dedicated hosting for the clients who require fast speed and unlimited bandwidth on their website is a critical factor. Speed is crucial in keeping visitors to your site and HostGator loads pages 50 times faster than BlueHost irrespective of the media present, i.e., videos, images, and text.

5.     Customer Support

An important feature for Web Hosting Companies includes having a great and efficient team of customer support. Nothing is more convenient in web hosting like tech support, and both BlueHost and HostGator are renowned for their 24/7/365 customer support. Whenever you have issues with your website or server, the support team must rectify it quickly to prevent instances of downtime which will cost you dearly.

Customer support available can be contacted upon via different ways; you can create a ticket and get assistance through Email, make a phone call and speak to a representative or use the live chat feature.

6.     Friendly User Interface

Both HostGator and BlueHost shared hosting accounts under have a CPanel. CPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel in the world. It’s necessary to have a user-friendly control panel such as the CPanel, it is efficient and quite easy to use, offering extensive support to beginner users and adept advanced developers alike especially for people who are new to this and who do not know how to install web scripts like WordPress, Joomla etc.

Both BlueHost and HostGator have top-notch security features to their CPanel that keep your files safe from hackers and viruses. Moreover, the billing section on either is easy to navigate. In general, both user interfaces are very easy to use even for newbies, showing how they both focus on customer satisfaction through friendly user interfaces.

7.     Features and Pricing

Both HostGator & BlueHost support numerous email accounts, however, HostGator provide unlimited email accounts in their plans while BlueHost only comes with 100. Moreover, Bluehost offer free domains with their plans while HostGator don’t have that feature.

BlueHost provides their users with three plans namely: Starters Plan, Plus Plan and Business Plan. Additionally, HostGator have three hosting plans: Hatchling, Baby and Business plan. The prices of each plan tend to fluctuate but the updated pricelist leaves HostGator with the cheapest pricing. BlueHost lack the monthly subscriptions and instead begins with annual subscriptions.

In pricing, HostGator emerges the ideal pocket-friendly web hosting company. But this is relative to the features aforementioned, BlueHost is pricier due to the free domain. It all boils down to your preference.

Final Recommendation – BlueHost or HostGator?

Based on the above comparisons, it would be fair to say that HostGator beats BlueHost in a myriad of features and you can expect nothing less from HostGator. Here are some of the reasons why you should select HostGator:

·       HostGator offers one-month hosting plans.

·       HostGator have a 45-day money back guarantee.

·       Your website under HostGator will load faster than BlueHost.

·       HostGator’s 99.9% uptime guarantee is really 99.9%.

·       HostGator clearly flats out BlueHost with better response time, page loading time and uptime.