Hoss 32 Card Solitaire Playing Instructions

Play with 3 computer players. North is your partner. East and West are your opponents. 

Game of Hoss Rules
Hoss (sometimes spelled Haus) is a 4-player card game popular in Pennsylvania dutch country and surrounding areas. Similar to Euchre, Hoss is played with partners physically positioned across from each other. Two decks of standard playing cards are used. The Ace, Kings, Queens, and Jacks are separated to form a 32 card deck. There are 2 cards of each rank for all 4 suits. 

The dealer rotates clockwise for every hand. Often the most experienced player will start as dealer. 8 cards are dealt to each player. 

Bidding The player clockwise from the dealer initiates bidding. Bidding continues in clockwise order until all four players have bid or a top bid is made. There are two categories of bids (and subsequent play). The first and most common is a non-hoss bid. A player bids the number of rounds that he or she believes can be won by the team. Once a bid is placed, a subsequent bidder must bid higher or pass. 

Playing The player who made the top bid gets to play first. For non-hoss play, there are no card swaps with partner before play begins. The top bidder immediately proceeds to lay a card. Usually the top trump (called a "right bar") is played first. The suit of the first card is known as the "called suit" and must be played by the remaining players if they have cards of that called suit. If players are out of the called suit, they are permitted to lay a card of any suit