Welcome to the homepage of the Knights Hospitaller of Warwickshire, a re-enactment society dedicated to authentically and entertainingly portraying life in the 12th century.


It is clear from the name of the society that the group was founded to display the various aspects of the Order of the Hospital of St John in Jerusalem: the Knights Hospitaller. For the majority of displays relating to the Military Order, the year portrayed is roughly 1170, a time when the Christian Kingdoms in the Holy Land were at their peak. 

However, the group is in no way limited to so narrow a field as this, and indeed are happy to portray not just the Knights Hospitaller, but also English secular life in any period between 1066-1300 (even short periods after this date are negotiable).


The group, in spite of our name, has matured in the last few years and now draws its membership from across the country. As a result, we cater to events nationally, so location is rarely a barrier to us attending a show. If you require a knowledgeable and affordable group of re-enactors to bring alive anything from  a historic site to a village fete and entertain the public, we offer a flexible and easily tailored approach to allow you to define what you would like from us.  


So please feel free to explore the website, whether you are interested in booking us or joining us, to see what we offer and how we look at events.


Pax Vobiscum