Third Party Intermediaries

It's a new source of business, Third Party Intermediaries, named TPI,are generating a huge amount of room nights.
All of them are working on the Web, most famous are, Lastminute, Priceline, Travelocity.... 

Before 2000 individual customers who make reservations directly through Travel Agents or Hotels. Customers are making less and less bookings through these channels, and are turning increasingly to the Internet. 
The emergence of TPI change the way we consumeonline customers compare the different offers for a city using "Hotel Price Comparison Search Engine."

In the past the hotels located near a train station or airport could expect several Walk in a day.

The Internet is here, and the exponential increase in smartphone, iPhone will confirme this trend.
However, Commission percentage  asked by the Websites can quickly become prohibitive, 15% see more get a best ranking. 

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