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Tourism Handbooks in Print and On the Internet

Tourism Handbooks in Print and On the Internet

This is a selected group of handbooks
of various kinds that illustrate and

support the role of the handbook
in providing topically specific but

detailed coverage of various aspects
of tourism including specific

geographic regions and places of
interest to tourism and tourists.

From the ODLIS Online Dictionary
for Library and Information Science

by Joan M. Reitz

This definition of handbook:


A single-volume reference book of
compact size that provides concise

factual information on a specific
subject, organized systematically for

quick and easy access. Statistical
information is often published in

handbook form (example: Statistical
Handbook on the American Family). Some

handbooks are published serially
(CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics).

Synonymous with vade mecum.
See also: companion and manual.



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A handbook is a type of reference work,
or other collection of
instructions, that is
intended to provide ready reference.
A vade mecum
(lat. "go with me") or
pocket reference is intended to be carried
at all

Handbooks may deal with any topic, and
are generally compendiums of
in a particular field or about a particular


The name "handbook" may sometimes be
applied to reference works that are

not pocket-sized, but do provide ready
reference, as is the case with

several engineering handbooks....


Tourism Handbooks in Print and On the Internet


Tourism Handbooks in Print and On the Internet

National Park Service
United States Department of the Interior

Site Index

Youth Programs
Partner Organizations
Friends Groups
Parks Index


Urban Environmental Management
Sustainable Tourism

"Sustainable tourism in its purest sense,
is an industry which attempts to
make a
low impact on the environment and local
culture, while helping to
generate income,
employment, and the conservation of local


Sustainable Tourism InfoSheets

Defining Eco-Tourism
What is Sustainable Tourism?
Eco and Sustainable Tourism
Key Ecotourism Terms
Principles of Sustainable Tourism
Tourism Destination Management
Cities and Tourism
EMS and Eco-tourism
Declarations, Charters and Codes
Tools, Strategies and Checklists
Documents and Reports
Organizations, Networks and Initiatives
Internet Resources on Eco-Tourism
Journals and Magazines
Travel/Tourism news and email lists


Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library


Tourism Research Links
Simon Fraser University
Centre for Tourism Policy and Research

* Agricultural Tourism
* Backcountry Recreation Management
* BC & Canadian Tourism & Recreation Sources
* Coastal Fisheries Tourism
* Community Tourism Planning
* Cultural Heritage Tourism
* Destination Positioning
* Ecotourism
* Energy Resources
* Indicators of Sustainable Tourism
* Managing Commercial Recreation on Public Land
* Marine Protected Areas
* Mountain Tourism
* Marine Protected Areas
* Olympics Related Research
* Parks and Tourism
* Seniors Tourism
* Sports Fishing
* Sustainable Tourism
* Tourism Training
* Wildlife Viewing Tourism
* Wine Tourism
* Winter Tourism
* Additional Sites


Title Handbook for Distance Learning in Tourism
Author Kaye Sung Chon
Publisher Routledge, 2012
ISBN 1136407073, 9781136407079
Length 266 pages 


Promoting Tourism in Rural America
United States Department of Agriculture
Rural Information Center
National Agricultural Library


* IntroductionPhoto: lighthouse. Source: NPS photo by Candace
Clifford, 1994.
* Tourism Development Overview
* Tourism Planning: Internet Resource
* Bibliography
1. Tourism Development
2. Economic Impact
3. Marketing Strategies
4. Tourism Specialties/Niche Markets
o Aerotourism
o Agritourism
o Bed and Breakfasts
o Ecotourism/Natural Based Tourism
o Heritage/Cultural Tourism
o Rails to Trails
* Journals
* Additional Resources
1. State Travel and Tourism Offices
2. Natural Extension Faculty List
3. Regional Rural Development Centers
4. Organizations


Title: The tourism development handbook :
a practical approach to planning and marketing /
Authors: Godfrey, Kerry ; Clarke, Jackie
Publication: London : Cassell,
Year: 2000
ISBN: 0304704512; 9780304704514


Title: Tourism and recreation handbook
of planning and design /

Authors: Baud-Bovy, M. (Manuel) ; Lawson, Fred R.
Baud-Bovy, M. ; (Manuel).;
Tourism and recreation development.

Publication: Oxford ;; Boston :; Architectural Press,
Edition: 2nd ed.
Year: 1998
Architectural Press planning and design series;

ISBN: 0750630868; 9780750630863

This book covers:

Introduction: Background to planning
Basic standards for accommodation,

catering and shopping Support services
and technical infrastructures Basic

standards for recreation, cultural and
sport facilities Programmes for

resorts and recreation complexes
Planning tourist resorts and leisure

complexes Framework for tourism/recreation
master plans Tourism/recreation

master plans: surveys and formulation
Tourism/recreation master plans:

implementation, protection of resources
and outdoor recreation in the
useful data for planning and development. 
bibliography. Index.


Tourism Operator's Handbook for the Great Barrier Reef
Australian Government
Great Barrier Reef
Marine Park Authority


Department of Environmental Affairs & Tourism

Department of Trade and Industry

Funding Programmes for Tourism Businesses Handbook



Title    The ATTT Tourism Education Handbook
Author    Association of Tourism Teachers and Trainers
Editor    Eric Laws
Publisher    Tourism Society, 1997
Original from    Cornell University
Digitized    Oct 26, 2011
ISBN    0953058905, 9780953058907
Length    111 pages

Review of This Book
Source: Annals of Tourism Research
Volume 25 Number 2 April 1998 p. 533-535
Publisher: Elsevier


Direct Farm Marketing and Tourism Handbook

This guide is designed to help farm and ranch operators (and other
individuals who grow or process food products) market their products and
services directly to the consumer.

University of Arizona
Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Table of Contents

Introduction 14 kb

Direct Marketing Alternatives

1. Characteristics of Direct Marketing Alternatives 11 kb
2. Direct Farm Marketing Options 23 kb
3. Farmers Markets: A Guide to Starting Operating, and Selling 70 kb
4. Pick-Your-Own Markets: Should I Grow Fruits and Vegetables 61 kb
5. Roadside Stands: Should I Grow Fruits and Vegetables
6. Running a Roadside Stand - Some Helpful Tips 15 kb
7. Selling to Restaurants 22 kb
8. The Fresh Connection Keeps Farmers and Chefs in Touch 57 kb

Tourism/Value Added Products

1. Opportunities for Adding Value to Your Products 89 kb
2. This Market Boosted Sales With Bakery 82 kb
3. Restaurant Adds to Diversity of Hubers Family Farm 100 kb
4. Bed and Breakfast: Hosting Travelers for Extra Income 96 kb

Business Planning

1. Business Plans are More Important Now than Ever 30 kb
2. Sources of Small Business Assistance 15 kb
3. A Business Plan is Important When Working With a Lender 105 kb
4. Training Helps Farm Market Employees Succeed 93 kb

Market Analysis and Pricing

1. Sizing Up the Market Winds 155 kb
2. Product Position 249 kb
3. Geyers' Specialty is Marketing Small Fruits 84 kb
4. Quality Keeps Customers Coming Back to This Farm 70 kb
5. Taste Preferences Outweigh Appearances of Apples 36 kb
6. Selling Organic Produce Poses New Challenges 54 kb
7. The Organic Market: Results from a Tucson Study 56 kb
8. Pricing 21 kb
9. Assessing Risks and Finance Requirements 35 kb

Consumer Profiles and Tourism Trends

1. Farm Outlet Customer Profiles 18 kb
2. Profile of Visitors to Fresh Farm Produce Outlets in Cochise County,
Arizona 215 kb
3. Tourism Trends and Rural Economic Impacts 17 kb

Advertising and Promotion

1. Advertising and Promotion 25 kb
2. Direct Mailings as an Advertising Strategy 14 kb
3. How Tasting Rooms Can Help Sell Wine 196 kb

Legal Considerations

1. Legal Structure Rules and Regulations for Direct Marketing
Enterprises 24 kb
2. Examining Insurance Needs is Essential to Marketing 78 kb
3. How Growers Can Reduce Liability Risks 36 kb

Production Considerations

1. Production of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables as it Relates to Direct
Marketing 36 kb
2. Estimating Costs of Production 295 kb

Additional Resources

1. Further Reading 15 kb
2. Associations 11 kb


Responsible Travel Handbook // 2006

A shorter URL for the above link:



Title: North America: a tourism handbook
Author: Fennell, David A.
Publication: Clevedon, England ;; Buffalo, NY :; Channel View
Year: 2006
Series: Aspects of tourism ;; 31;
Standard No: ISBN: 1845410378 (hbk.); 9781845410377 (hbk.); 1845410386
(electronic); 9781845410384 (electronic)

Table of contents for Tourism handbook. North America
edited by David A. Fennell.

List of Contributors
Chapter 1. Introduction to Tourism in North America
Atsuko Hashimoto
Chapter 2. Demand for Tourism in North America
Stephen Smith and Dallen J. Timothy
Chapter 3. Supply and Organization of Tourism in North America
Dallen J. Timothy
Chapter 4. Key Issues, Events and Issues of Tourism in the Region
David J. Telfer
Chapter 5. Sources, Organisations and Web Sites

An international handbook of tourism education
Authors: Airey, D. W. ; Tribe, John.
Publication: Amsterdam ; San Diego, CA ; Oxford : Elsevier,
Edition: 1st ed.
Year: 2005
Series: Advances in tourism research; Variation: Advances in
tourism research series.
ISBN: 0080446671 (hbk.); 9780080446677 (hbk.)


Handbook of Nature Conservation:
Global, Environmental and Economic Issues
Editor    Jason B. Aronoff
Edition    illustrated
Publisher    Nova Science Pub Incorporated, 2009
Original from    the University of Michigan
Digitized    Feb 20, 2010
ISBN    1606929933, 9781606929933
Length    479 pages


The Leisure Market Research Handbook 2012-2013:
Biennial Strategic Planning and Reference Handbook
Leisure Market Research Handbook
Authors    Richard Kendall Miller, Kelli D. Washington
Publisher    Richard K Miller & Associates, 2012
ISBN    1577831748, 9781577831747
Length    388 pages



Oceania: a tourism handbook /
Authors: Cooper, Chris ; Hall, Colin Michael
Publication: Clevedon ;; Buffalo :; Channel View Publications,
Year: 2005
Series: Aspects of tourism;
ISBN: 1873150873 (hardback : alk. paper); 9781873150870 (hardback : alk.
paper); 1873150881 (electronic); 9781873150887 (electronic)

Table of contents for Oceania : a tourism handbook
edited by Chris Cooper and C. Michael Hall.

1 Introduction (Chris Cooper and Michael Hall)

Section 1 Australia

2 Introduction to Australia (Lisa Ruhanen)

3 Demand for Tourism in Australia (Chris Cooper and Lisa Ruhanen)

4 The Organization of Tourism in Australia (Chris Cooper and Lisa Ruhanen)

5 The Australian Tourism Industry (Chris Cooper and Lisa Ruhanen)

6 Sources of Australian Tourism Statistics (Lisa Ruhanen and Chris Cooper)

Section 2 New Zealand

7 Introduction to New Zealand (Peter Treloar and Michael Hall)

8 Demand for Tourism in New Zealand (Peter Treloar and Michael Hall)

9 The Organization of Tourism in New Zealand (Peter Treloar and Michael

10 The New Zealand Tourism Industry (Peter Treloar and Michael Hall)

11 Sources of New Zealand Tourism Statistics (Peter Treloar and Michael

Section 3 Pacific Islands

12 Introduction to the Pacific Islands (Peter Treloar and Michael Hall)

13 Tourism in the Pacific Islands (Peter Treloar and Michael Hall)
Section 4 Contemporary Themes

14 Tourism Investment in the South Pacific (Larry Dwyer)

15 Customary Practices and Tourism Development in the French Pacific
(Anne- Marie d'Hauteserre)

16 Tourism and Air Transport in Oceania (David Duval)

17 Destination Risk Management in Oceania (Jeff Wilks)

18 Global Warming and Tourism in Oceania (Steve Craig Smith)

19 Tourism Education in Oceania (Steve Craig Smith)

20 A Compendium of Tourism Sources for Oceania (Lisa Ruhanen, Chris
Cooper, Michael Hall and
Peter Treloar)


The 2011-2012 Travel and Tourism
Market Research Handbook:
A Biennial Strategic Planning and Reference Handbook
Travel & Tourism Market Research Handbook
Author Richard Kendall Miller
Editor Kelli D. Washington
Contributor Richard K. Miller & Associates
Publisher Richard K. Miller & Associates, 2011
ISBN 1577831705, 9781577831709
Length 513 pages


International Handbook on the Economics of Tourism
Authors: Dwyer, Larry ; Forsyth, P. (Peter)
Publication: Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA : E. Elgar,
Year: 2006
ISBN: 1843761041; 9781843761044

Title: Travel, tourism, and hospitality research:
a handbook for managers and researchers
Authors: Ritchie, J. R. Brent ; Goeldner, Charles R.
Publication: New York :; Wiley,
Edition: 2nd ed.
Year: 1994
Standard No: ISBN: 0471582484 (acid-free); 9780471582489 (acid-free)

Table of contents for Travel, tourism, and hospitality research : a
handbook for managers and researchers
editors J.R. Brent Ritchie, Charles R. Goeldner.

Partial table of contents:

A Managerial Perspective.

A Perspective On The Purpose And Nature Of Tourism Research Methods (C.

Fundamentals Of Travel And Tourism Research.
Scaling And Attitude Measurement In Travel And Tourism Research
(G. Mcdougall & H. Munro).

National, Regional, And Municipal Perspectives.
Research In National Tourist Organizations
(G. Taylor).

Some Disciplinary Perspectives.
The Political Dimensions Of Tourism
(L. Richter).

An Industry Sector Perspective.
Research Needs Of Travel Retailers And Wholesalers
(E. Wohlmuth).

Assessing The Impacts Of Tourism.
Event Tourism: Evaluating The Impacts
(D. Getz).

Data Collection Methods Of Particular Relevance.
En Route Surveys
(F. Hurst).

Special Marketing Applications.
Estimating The Potential Of International Markets
(D. Wynegar).



Handbook of marketing research methodologies for hospitality and tourism

Author: Nykiel, Ronald A.

Publication: New York :; Haworth Hospitality & Tourism Press,

Year: 2007

Standard No: ISBN: 9780789034267; 0789034263


Pt. I. Research and methodologies -


Ch. 1. Defining marketing research, market analysis, and applications -

ch. 2. Primary and secondary research data -

ch. 3. Qualitative research -

ch. 4. Quantitative research -


Pt. II. Market analysis and assessment -


ch. 5. Integrative research -

ch. 6. Analyzing research findings and data -

ch. 7. Location analysis and site evaluation -

ch. 8. The design and components of a feasibility study -

ch. 9. Market assessment for development planning -

ch. 10. Assessing focal points and intuitive techniques -


Pt. III. Marketing research applications -


ch. 11. Marketing research and testing -

ch. 12. Applying research to marketing strategy selection -

ch. 13. Applying research to brand strategy -

ch. 14. Applying research to pricing strategy -

ch. 15. Applying research to customer service and quality initiatives -

Pt. IV. Planning and communications -

ch. 16. Preparing a research-based business review -

ch. 17. The strategic marketing planning process -

ch. 18. Effective presentation and communication of research findings -


Appendix I. Marketing intelligence information sources -

Appendix II. Marketing-related associations -

Appendix III. Top fifty U.S. research firms and web sites -

Appendix IV. Top twenty-five global research organizations and web sites.


British Columbia
Archaeological Resource Management Handbook

Province of British Columbia, Canada
Ministry of Small Business, Tourism and Culture
Archaeology Branch

A shorter URL for the above link:



The complete 21st century travel and hospitality
marketing handbook

Author: Dickinson, Bob.
Vladimir, Andrew.
Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson Prentice Hall,

Year: 2004
ISBN: 0536819025; 9780536819024;
0131133144; 9780131133143


Tourism analysis: a handbook
Author: Smith, Stephen L. J.
Publication: Harlow, Essex, England : Longman,
Edition: 2nd ed.
Year: 1995
ISBN: 0582251605 (pbk.); 9780582251601 (pbk.)


The space tourist's handbook: where to go,
what to see, and how to prepare for the ride of your life
Authors: Anderson, Eric ; Piven, Joshua ; Tito, Dennis
Publication: Philadelphia, PA : Quirk Books ;
San Francisco, CA :
Distributed in North America by Chronicle Books,
Year: 2005
ISBN: 1594740666; 9781594740664
LCCN: 2005-922081


Successful tourism marketing: a practical handbook
Author: Briggs, Susan.
Publication: London : K
ogan Page,
Year: 1997
ISBN: 0749421231 :; 9780749421236


Handbook of Hospitality Operations and IT
Editor    Peter Jones
Publisher    Routledge, 2012
ISBN    1136399895, 9781136399893
Length    464 pages
"Handbook of Hospitality Operations
and IT provides an authoritative
resource for critical reviews of
research into both operations and
IT management. Internationally
renowned scholars provide in-depth
essays and explanations of case
studies, to illustrate how practices
and concepts can be applied to the
hospitality industry."


Handbook of Hospitality Marketing Management
Handbooks of Hospitality Management
Editors    Haemoon Oh, Abraham Pizam
Edition    illustrated
Publisher    Elsevier, 2008
ISBN    0080450806, 9780080450803
Length    552 pages
"Handbook of Hospitality Marketing Management
is packed with investigations into mainstream
hospitality marketing issues and practices
which offer practical guidelines for applying
topical research results to industry's daily
operations. Internationally recognized leading
researchers provide thorough discussion,
reviewing hospitality marketing research
by specifc topics."


Handbook of Hospitality Strategic Management
[The handbooks of hospitality management series]
Editors    Michael D. Olsen, Jinlin Zhao
Edition    illustrated
Publisher    Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann, 2008
ISBN    0080450792, 9780080450797
Length    488 pages


Quantitative Methods in Tourism: A Handbook
Volume 48 of Aspects of tourism
Authors    Rodolfo Baggio, Jane E. Klobas
Edition    illustrated
Publisher    Channel View Publications, 2011
ISBN    1845412117, 9781845412111
Length    225 pages


Handbook of Hospitality Human Resources Management
Handbooks of Hospitality Management
Editor    Dana V. Tesone
Edition    illustrated
Publisher    Butterworth-Heinemann, 2008
ISBN    0080450814, 9780080450810
Length    522 pages


Routledge Handbook of Cultural Tourism
Routledge handbooks
Editors    Melanie Smith, Greg Richards
Edition    illustrated
Publisher    Routledge, 2013
ISBN    0415523516, 9780415523516
Length    416 pages


The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Studies
Editors    Tazim Jamal, Mike Robinson
Publisher    SAGE Publications Ltd, 2009
ISBN    1446246213, 9781446246214
Length    736 pages


Dun & Bradstreet/
Gale Group industry handbook
Entertainment and hospitality.
Imprint Farmington Hills, MI :
Gale Research, c2000-
Formed by Dun and Bradstreet/
Gale industry reference handbooks.
Dun and Bradstreet/
Gale industry reference handbooks.
GV11 .D855x Paley Ref Stacks


The Handbook of contemporary
hospitality management research
Author: Brotherton, Bob.
Publication: Chichester [England] ;
New York : Wiley, 1999
Paley Stacks TX911.3.M27 H373 1999


The handbook of contemporary
hospitality management research
edited by Bob Brotherton.
Imprint New York : Wiley, 1999.
Paley Stacks TX911.3.M27 H373 1999


Hospitality Net


Guide to Planning Safe Events


Internet Resources for Tourism and Hospitality

Food Safety Publications








Travel geography handbook
Gillard, Quentin
New York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1991

Paley Stacks

G155.A1G48 1991


CIA World Factbook Launches New Web Site



AP Stylebook Adds Food Section,
Teaches You How To Spell 'Barbecue'


Selected Bibliography of Guides and Handbooks
to Business, Industry, Company and
Competitor Analysis and Research




Successful Event Management: A Practical Handbook
Authors    Anton Shone, Bryn Parry
Edition    illustrated, reprint
Publisher    Cengage Learning EMEA, 2004
ISBN    1844800768, 9781844800766
Length    246 pages


Medical Tourism Facilitator's Handbook
Author    Maria K. Todd
Edition    illustrated
Publisher    CRC Press, 2011
ISBN    1439812837, 9781439812839
Length    180 pages


The Hospitality Industry Handbook on Hygiene and Safety:
For South African Students and Practitioners
Author    Lisa Gordon-Davis
Edition    illustrated
Publisher    Juta and Company Ltd, 1998
ISBN    0702146773, 9780702146770
Length    188 pages


The Travel Writer's Handbook:
How to Write - and Sell - Your Own Travel Experiences
Authors    Jacqueline Harmon Butler, Louise Purwin Zobel
Publisher    Agate Publishing, 2012
ISBN    1572841311, 9781572841314
Length    257 pages


Oceania: A Tourism Handbook
Issue 17 of Aspects of Tourism Collection
Issue 17 of Aspects of tourism
Oceania: A Tourism Handbook, Colin Michael Hall
Editors    Chris Cooper, Colin Michael Hall
Edition    illustrated
Publisher    Channel View Publications, 2005
ISBN    1873150873, 9781873150870
Length    416 pages


Handbook of Medical Tourism Program Development:
Developing Globally Integrated Health Systems
Author    Maria K. Todd
Edition    illustrated
Publisher    CRC Press, 2011
ISBN    1439813140, 9781439813140
Length    255 pages


Handbook of Research Methods in Tourism:
Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches
Elgar original reference
Editors    Larry Dwyer, Alison Gill, Neelu Seetaram
Edition    illustrated
Publisher    Edward Elgar Publishing, 2012
ISBN    1781001294, 9781781001295
Length    528 pages


The SAGE Handbook of Hospitality Management
Editors    Roy C Wood, Bob Brotherton
Publisher    SAGE, 2008
ISBN    1446206424, 9781446206423
Length    576 pages


Handbook of Consumer Behavior Tourism and the Internet
Authors    Juline E. Mills, Rob Law
Publisher    Routledge, 2013
ISBN    1136429190, 9781136429194
Length    334 pages


The Hospitality Industry Handbook on Nutrition and Menu Planning
Authors    Lisa Gordon-Davis, Lientjie Van Rensburg
Edition    illustrated
Publisher    Juta and Company Ltd, 2004
ISBN    0702155780, 9780702155789
Length    338 pages


Handbook for Distance Learning in Tourism
Author    Gary Williams
Edition    illustrated
Publisher    Psychology Press, 2005
ISBN    0789018608, 9780789018601
Length    244 pages


The Equitable Cultural Tourism Handbook
Author    Alf H. Walle
Publisher    IAP, 2010
ISBN    1607523582, 9781607523581
Length    194 pages


The Event Marketing Handbook: Beyond Logistics and Planning
Kaplan Financial Series
Author    Allison Saget
Edition    illustrated
Publisher    Kaplan Publishing, 2006
ISBN    1419515063, 9781419515064
Length    300 pages


Tourism and Recreation: Handbook of Planning and Design
Architectural Press Planning and Design Series
Briefing and design guides
Authors    Manuel Baud-Bovy, Fred R. Lawson
Edition    2, illustrated, reprint
Publisher    Architectural Press, 1998
Original from    the University of Michigan
Digitized    Nov 5, 2007
ISBN    0750630868, 9780750630863
Length    287 pages


Medical Tourism: A Reference Handbook
Contemporary world issues
Authors    Kathy S. Stolley, Stephanie Watson
Edition    illustrated
Publisher    ABC-CLIO, 2012
ISBN    1598845403, 9781598845402
Length    343 pages


North America: A Tourism Handbook
Volume 31 of Aspects of tourism
North America: A Tourism Handbook, David A. Fennell
Editor    David A. Fennell
Edition    illustrated
Publisher    Channel View Publications, 2006
ISBN    1845410378, 9781845410377
Length    123 pages


Tourism marketing and management handbook
Author    Stephen F. Witt
Editors    Stephen F. Witt, Luiz Moutinho
Edition    2
Publisher    Prentice Hall, 1994
Original from    the University of Wisconsin - Madison
Digitized    Dec 4, 2009
ISBN    0139233849, 9780139233845
Length    617 pages


The Scientific American handbook of travel
Compiled by    Albert Allis Hopkins
Publisher    Munn & Co., 1910
Original from    the University of California
Digitized    Apr 11, 2011
Length    503 pages


The Food and Beverage Handbook
The gourmet diaries
Author    Tracey Dalton
Publisher    Juta and Company Ltd, 2004
ISBN    0702166391, 9780702166396
Length    222 pages


Handbook on E-marketing for Tourism Destinations
Contributors    World Tourism Organization, European Travel Commission
Publisher    World Tourism Organization, 2008
Original from    University of Minnesota
Digitized    Nov 9, 2011
ISBN    9284412765, 9789284412761
Length    278 pages


Handbook on Tourism Forecasting Methodologies
Contributor    World Tourism Organization
Publisher    World Tourism Organization, 2008
Original from    University of Minnesota
Digitized    Nov 9, 2011
ISBN    9284412382, 9789284412389
Length    89 pages



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