2015 Regatta History

                         WELCOME TO THE 20th HOSPICE TURKEY SHOOT REGATTA, 2015

Hospice and Turkey Shoot Board members would like to Thank all the Registered boats and crew for their support this year.
   Due to bad weather we reschedule the Regatta to 10/9-11/2015.
A special Thank You goes to all those boaters and attendees that were able to rescheduled their time to attend the 2015 event.
                   * The following article appeared in the local Rappahannock Record dated 10/15/2015.*
                Overall Winner "WHISTLER"                                            From left, Whistler crew George Bott, Jim Ryan and Capt.
                                                                                                                Warren Ryan receive the Virginia Spirit Cup from
                                                                                                                Gordon S. Slatford.

RYAN and crew win Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta

Some 48 boats competed in the 2015 Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta October 10 and 11. The annual regatta was initially scheduled October 3 and 4, but Hurricane Joaquin forced a one-week delay. Racing was held on the Rappahannock River between the Norris Bridge and Towles Point.

Saturday started out cloudy with 12- to 15-knot winds and temperatures in the low 60s, reported co-chairman Joel Dugan. As the day went on, it cleared and winds decreased to 8 to 10 knots and the sailors warmed up. 

On Saturday, the larger A fleet boats raced a 10.5-nautical mile course with the B fleet boats racing a 6-nautical-mile course. he said. Both courses were triangles with windward finishes with the A Fleet going around the triangle twice.

Sunday winds were lighter at 6 to 10 knots and the sun was out all day for a great fall race day, said Dugan.The racing Sunday was a 5.5-nautical-mile pursuit race where boats’ starting times are based on their PHRF handicaps.

The John and Carole Jean McConnico Trophy, awarded to a yacht club or marina based on the sum of their three best finishers, was won for the second straight year by the Rappahannock River Yacht Club by a point over Yankee Point Racing and Cruising Club.   

The Doug Power Wobbly Compass trophy, awarded to the winning wooden boat went to Steven King aboard Matoaka, his 1965 Sea Sailor 30. Finishing second in the wooden boat division was Richard Williams in Ricochet, his 34-foot, 1953 Wm Atkins Ketch. Third-place went to Tom Martin in Wild Rose, his 43-foot, 1937 Concordia Yawl, which also took the Most Beautiful Boat award.

Overall winner of the regatta was Warren Ryan in his J-24, Whistler. Gordon Slatford, general manager of the Tides Inn presented Warren the Virginia Spirit Trophy silver bowl and a certificate for a room and slip at The Tides Inn for next year’s Regatta. Second place overall went to Sam Marshall in his S2 7.9, Play It Again. Third place went to Wayland Rennie in Trilogy. The three overall winners also finished first, second and third in Division 4. 

Division 1 winners were first, Bob German aboard Pegasus; and second, John Henley, Amazing Grace.

In Division 2, winners were first, Thomas Fink, Lee Penny; second, Leslie Newman, Puffin; and third, David Leach, Liberty.

Division 3 winners were first, Ralph Leonard, Contentment; and second, Charlie Costello, On Eagle’s Wings.

Division 5 winners were first, Jim Engle, Grey Fox; second, John Tidwell, Gypsea; and third, Warren Hottle, Aeriel.

Division 6 winners were first, Robert Quqalls, Albatross; second, Robin Meigel, Pacem; and third, Robert Montague, Prudence. 

Division 7 winners were first, Hans Lassen, Road Runner; second, Bill McClure, Thistledowne; and third, Don Scheu, Abino.

Typhoon Championship Division winners were first, Sissy Crowther and Arabella Denvi, Ad Astra; second, Tom Watkins and Mike Kennedy, Radio Flyer; and third, brothers Ned and Stan Crockett, Ladybug.

Typhoon Corinthian Division winners were first, Steve Harris, Sierra Rose; second, Stan Coloff, Phantom; and third, Roger Gaby, Cream Puff.

The race committee, responsible for setting the courses, running the races, registration and scoring was led by Tom Chapman and Jerry Latell and included Kimberly Vail (registration), Gary Hooper, George Kuper, Samantha Van Saun, Tom Armstrong, Tom Blencowe, Bill Young, Anker Madsen, Jack Blaine, Ohanesian and Ed McChain captain of the signal boat, the 37-foot tug Thistle.

Frank Martin led volunteers providing water taxi service to racing boats anchored in Carter Creek. On land activities were supervised by George Bott and included Tom Decker, Joel Dugan and many volunteers. Frances Bernard and volunteers from Riverside Hospice Services provided the food services. On water safety and security was provided by U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 33.  

The Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta is jointly sponsored by Rappahannock River Yacht Club and Yankee Point Racing and Cruising Club and hosted by Rappahannock Yachts Boatyard and Marina in Irvington. Proceeds go to Hospice Support Services of the Northern Neck and Riverside Hospice.

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