-2019 Regatta Results

December 1, 2019

The 2019 Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta campaign was a success.

The 2019 Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta (Irvington, VA) fund-raising campaign was a big success, leading to almost $40,000 being donated to the Hospice Support Services of the Northern Neck and the Riverside Hospice Agencies of the Middle Peninsula. As the project wrapped up, representatives of both Hospice Groups were congratulated and thanked for their efforts by John McConnico (the regatta founder) and other principals of the Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta Committee as noted in the two photos. In particular, Frannie Bernard (and her teams) of the Riverside Hospice Agencies (Gloucester and Tappahannock) was thanked for volunteering and helping this regatta for 22 years.

Mr. McConnico remarked that this coming year will mark the 25th as a Hospice Regatta and he hopes for continued enthusiasm from the Committee members, the sailing community of the Chesapeake and for invaluable support from the volunteers of both Hospice groups to help make this next regatta an even greater success. To learn more, to donate or to volunteer to help next season go to www.turkeyshoot.org.


Photo 1: [Thanking.. at RRYC, Irvington, VA.]--From Left--Commodores Daniel Kuper (incoming RRYC), Eddy Whichard (YPRCC), Tom Chapman (outgoing RRYC, and Committee Co-Chair--Water Activities), John McConnico (Regatta Founder), Judy Vogel, (VP Hospice Support Services of the Northern Neck), Bruce Sanders (event site host and owner Rappahannock Yachts) and George Bott, (Committee Co-Chair--Land Activities).

Photo 2: [Congratulations...at the Tappahannock facility]--From Left--Susan Martin (Riverside Hospice Agencies-RHA), George Bott (Committee Co-Chair), Cynthia Barrack (RHA), John McConnico (Regatta Founder) with Frannie Bernard (RHA) and Mike Langford (RHA).

Photo Credits: Tom Wicks (RRYC and Hospice Turkey Shoot Committee)

2019 Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta News Release

Over the past weekend, Oct. 4-6th, under grey skies and brisk winds, the Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta (HTSR), already the largest sailboat race in the region, was also one of the most exciting, challenging even the best sailors to finish the two courses speedily and safely. With winds gusting to 20 knots or more and resultant 2-3-foot waves, there were some race-related mishaps, with three boats towed in (Trilogy, ça va, and Miss Daisy) by RRYC boats) and others with minor damage and fortunately, only two minor injuries. But there were also some new winners and strong finishers among the 91 entries. Always a joint effort of many other land-based individuals and groups, to be acknowledged below, this regatta is the high point of this annual fund-raising campaign to benefit Hospice services and is a big success. More on that at a later date; on to regatta results.

The overall winner of the Virginia Spirit Trophy was Chuck Shaffner in Dolcefariente from the York River Yacht Club, competing in his classic 1926 Herreshoff S wooden sloop. Compliments of the Tides Inn, Chuck also received a prize of a free room and slip there for the 2020 regatta. Chuck also won the Doug Power Wobbly Compass Award again for the top performance in the wooden boat division.

Other top individual overall winners were:

Second Place, also the boat from the farthest club to race here: Donald Mense in Freedom II, in his Flying Scot from the Chicago Yacht Club, and

Third Place to Jack Geier in Bayadere, his classic 1939 44-ft S&S wooden sloop from the RRYC.

The winner of the John and Carole Jean McConnico Trophy, awarded to the Yacht Club or Marina based on the scores of their top three entries, was the Rappahannock River Yacht Club . Close behind were the Fishing Bay YC, the Yankee Point Racing and Cruising Club and the York River Yacht Club.

And the Most Beautiful Boat Award, voted by observers on the Claud W. Somers, the Reedville Fishermen’s Museum’s skipjack which was the Spectator Boat over both days: Lew Thatcher’s Catitude of the FBYC. See link to Yours Truly Photography for an image: Catitude Image.

The skipjack will sail from the Tides Inn for an additional period this fall; contact the Tides Inn for more information.

Winners by Division were: (Top Three)

1. 1- Frank Miller, Windblown; Scott Vail, John’s Dove; Gordon Nelson, Celebration.

2. 2-Jesse Swartz , Irrational Exuberance; Jim Brunson, Manitou IV; Reginald Garrett, Windancer.

3. 3-Glenn Solt, Freedom; Ed Strazzini, Pelican; Andrea Latell, Dogfish.

4. 4-Donald Mense, Freedom II; Warren Ryan, Whistler; Glenn Oxford, Goshawk;

5. 5-Norm Faulkner, Country Woman; Russ Selzer, Joie de Vie; Joran Gendell, Elixir.

6. 6-Joe Lipe, Plowshares; Rich Hazlegrove, Quest; Robert Qualls, Albatross.

7. 7-Bill McClure, Thistledowne; Michael Chesser, ScubaKat; Barfield/Smith Synd., CHECKO.

8. 8-Robin Meigel, Pacem;Jim Harding, Sea Gal; Eddy Whichard, Life of Riley.

9. (Wood) Chuck Schaffner, Dolcefariente; Jack Geier, Bayadere; Rich Williams, Ricochet.

10. (Typhoons) Mike Miller, Jaunty; Mosby West, Goldfinch; Roger Gaby, CreamPuff.

Complete results may be found at www.yachtscoring.com. And by the way, we hope that Trilogy will be back next year with Wayland Rennie still competing at 92 and trying for his fourth trophy!

And this regatta and campaign would not be the success it was without the generous donation of time, talent, services, money, gifts and awards of all the volunteers, participants, sailors and donors.

John and Carole Jean McConnico, the regatta founders, wish to thank everyone on the 2019 HTSR Committee and the support team members who helped make this regatta and campaign such a success:

George Bott, co-chair with Tom Chapman, who is Co-Host Commodore RRYC and race co-PRO

Jerry Latell as Race Co-PRO,

Eddy Whichard, Co-Host Commodore YPRCC,

Bruce Sanders, owner of Rappahannock Yachts, Site-Host,

Race Committee members: Samantha Van Saun, Ana Christina and Jesus Lapera, Sue Spencer, Ned Crockett, Fred Pevahouse, Pete Clay and Nancy Hamm,

Signal Boat: Karibbe Kat (Karl and Nancy Hamm),

Other committee volunteers: Joel Dugan, Mike Langford, John Tidwell and the sales team, Jeff Schroeder, Carroll Schwab, Tom Wicks, Kent White, Kimberly Vail, Ellen Huddy, Barbara Ohanesian and Warren Ryan.

Riverside Hospice Agencies- Frannie Bernard (who led the food service team) and Cynthia Barrack, along with Evelyn Neal of Hospice Support Services NN,

Water taxi services: volunteers from RRYC, YPRCC and Rappahannock Yachts: Jim and Kathy Bearden, Charles Fulford, Anthony Marchetti, Bruce Julian, Jim Schmidt, Brent Sparks, Dirk Mundt, Chris Westberg, Libby McClary, Denise Rippert and Spencer Nicholson.

The committee thanks the team of Yours Truly Photography for their photo services, taking shots of boats racing on Saturday: 10-05-19 Turkey Shoot.

Also, the team appreciated the efforts of Pat Hogan and his USCG Auxiliary safety patrol which watched over the river while we raced.

Further, thanks to the Town of Irvington for their support and to town manager Roy Kime for assistance with advertising the event on their website. And thanks to Anne Paparella and the Lancaster-by-the Sea Chamber of Commerce for their posting of this event on their website.


News Release: Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta

At 91, local sailor plans to win 4th trophy at the 24th Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta!

Wayland Rennie, sailing from the Fishing Bay Yacht Club (FBYC) and hailing from Richmond, plans to sail his 50-year old classic Irwin 38 sloop Trilogy to win an unprecedented 4th Virginia Spirit Trophy in the Oct-4-6th Regatta on the Rappahannock, off Irvington. No idle challenger, he has already won that trophy in 1998, 2000 and 2007 and has been winning his division in intervening regattas. The Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta, a major annual fund-raiser for local Hospice Support Services, is co-sponsored by local yacht clubs Rappahannock River YC (rryc.org) and Yankee Point Racing and Cruising Club (yprcc.org), hosted by Rappahannock Yachts (rappyachts.com) and is in its 24th year: www.turkeyshoot.org. With the number of classic sailboat entries as many as 142, this should be a beautiful regatta to watch, with lovely sails lofting toward the horizon--and all for a great cause.

Trilogy was named for the three owners then, all avid sailors: the twin brothers Wayland and Laurie Rennie and Tom Howard, a boyhood friend who passed away 30 years ago. Wayland, early a biochemist with Dupont, later a successful real estate brokerage owner and salesman, also served on the boards of several civic corporations and was a member of the Richmond City Council for eight years. Laurie, a prominent neurologist, now retired, still enjoys racing his boat in Florida during the winters.

Wayland’s well-meaning challenge to all those young sailors--under 90: get out there, enjoy the sailing, the camaraderie, the beautiful skies & support this good cause. He said that he may walk a bit slower now but plans to sail even faster—so try to catch him!

And if FBYC has two other entries, together with lowest combined scores, then they will be eligible for the John and Carole Jean McConnico Yacht Club Award awarded to marinas or clubs with three or more entries and the lowest combined score. And all boats in the regatta will be eligible for the Most Beautiful Boat Award, based upon the combination of appearance, sail handling and performance of the skipper and crew on the water.

For those who want to watch the regatta on the water and be part of the judging team, a limited number of tickets will be available for the skipjack Claud W. Somers (http://www.rfmuseum.org/?page_id=1695), which will be a spectator and judging boat, berthed for the weekend at the Tides Inn in Irvington (www.tidesinn.com). Call regatta founder John McConnico for ticket availability (804 238-5805). Departures will be from the Tides Inn at 10:30 Saturday and 10:00 Sunday.

Shore-side events are also open to the public at the white TENT at seven-year Regatta host Rappahannock Yachts on the Rappahannock Rd. in Irvington. These include a Happy Hour—meet the sailors--event from 5:30-7PM on Friday the 4th, and a Cocktail Hour starting at 5PM on Saturday the 5th, leading up to the Regatta Dinner from 6-7:30 PM with music from the local favorite band Deadrise.

Sunday the 6th after the race, likely after 2PM, at the tent at Rappahannock Yachts, the winners will be named, awards presented and then this event will wind down for another year, when it returns for its 25th Anniversary in Irvington again, still the largest Hospice regatta event, always with the motto: Competition with Compassion.

Photo Credit: Rubin Gelbert


The above "Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta Quilt" was won by Eddy Whichard


The LOCAL of Irvington adds some zing to the 2019 Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta fund-raising campaign.

By Tom Wicks, 2019 Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta Committee

Come to The LOCAL in Irvington and help support a worthy fund-raising event known as the Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta for the benefit of Hospice Services. The 2019 Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta Committee has teamed up with Irvington favorite The LOCAL through Regatta-founder John McConnico and other area supporters, notably ArtOn Products (Arthur and Maureen Roberts) along with NWP Energy (Norm Faulkner)—to provide souvenir 2019 regatta coffee mugs free to those who buy a cup of coffee, cocoa or tea. According to LOCAL general manager Kylie Abbott, many customers are taking these mugs home but some are donating them back for enjoyment by others! The Regatta will be held Oct. 4th through the 6th on the Rappahannock off Irvington and there is still time to join the sailing or just the enjoyment of the event. See www.turkeyshoot.org for more details including entertainment events open to the public.

One photo, credit Tom Wicks.


New Regatta Trophy Announced

News Release:

Title: Chesapeake Bank helps raise awareness of the Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta

Recently Chesapeake Bank continued its support of the Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta (HTSR) by displaying in its Kilmarnock main branch the new “Three-time Winner Trophy” and distributing literature on how to enter the regatta. This trophy is an original painting of the first Turkey Shoot winning boat—Nick England’s Herreshoff-designed Virginia. Now the framed painting has small engraved plaques affixed, one for each sailor who has won first place in this regatta three times over the subsequent years. In this photo, John O’Shaughnessy, EVP of the Chesapeake Bank is standing to the left of the painting. The two current co-Chairmen of the 2019 Regatta, George Bott of Yankee Point Racing & Cruising Club, and Tom Chapman of the Rappahannock River Yacht Club (RRYC), respectively, are on the right. John McConnico is behind the camera

The painting of the Virginia was by a member of the RRYC, Jerry Mumma, who passed away earlier. Jerry, the corporate architect for Marriott Hotels, was also known at RRYC in the 1980s to be a competitive sailor and an accomplished artist. In support of the regatta, he volunteered to paint a picture of the winning boat each year as an added trophy in honor of the accomplishments of owner and crew.

Also, in the painting is The Miss Ann, then the flagship of the Tides Inn and a local favorite for many years. Here she was employed as the Spectator or Judging Boat, where up to 100 guests would select the boat to be the winner of the Most Beautiful Boat. When the sailors were returning to their dock they sailed past the Miss Ann and the guest judges voted so that by the time the race winner had been determined, the best looking boat had also been chosen. This year, the historic 1911 skipjack Claud W. Somers has agreed to be the Judging boat, also to be berthed during the regatta at the Tides Inn.

Although paintings have been awarded to subsequent winners, in brief, Bill England donated this painting to McConnico, who then with the Committee chose Chesapeake Bank and their Kilmarnock office for display to increase awareness in the weeks prior to the Oct. 4-6th Regatta. The painting will then be on display during the regatta in the tent at the Regatta headquarters on the grounds of Rappahannock Yachts

The Turkey Shoot Regatta, started in 1987 by John McConnico, then owner of Yankee Point Marina, and based upon an idea for a classic sailboat race by Chuck Harney, a local classic wooden sailboat enthusiast, was originally held after Thanksgiving, hence the name. But when colder weather began to arrive in November, the racers voted to move the race to late September or early October, but the name remained.

In 1996 the Turkey Shoot became an event benefitting Hospice Support Services of the Northern Neck and later, in 2003, this was expanded to include Riverside Hospice Agencies as well. This race, now named the Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta, is held each fall on the Rappahannock, is the largest of the 25 Hospice Races, once attracting as many as 142 boats and has been named twice as the Best of the Bay—Regattas by readers of the Chesapeake Bay Magazine. For more information on the regatta: www.turkeyshoot.org.

_Historic Skipjack Claud W. Somers to rejoin the Turkey Shoot

The 1911 skipjack Claud W. Somers has agreed to join the 2019 Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta to be held Oct. 4-6th. According to John McConnico, a co-founder of this Regatta, this iconic sailing vessel, already named by federal and state authorities to be a historic landmark, berthed at the Reedville Fisherman’s Museum, is back in service with a crew of five and will be a Spectator Boat on both race days. The skipjack had previously participated in the 2016 Turkey Shoot racing against another classic—the Godspeed, a replica of one of the original ships sent to found Jamestown. (See www.rfmuseum.org)

Why a spectator boat? Each year the guests aboard the Spectator boat have a traditional and important role-- not only will they enjoy the on-water activities, they also select the Regatta entry which will be awarded the important non-racing trophy, Most Beautiful Boat, based on the boat, sails and boat handling by skipper and crew! The Claud W. Somers is expected to be berthed at the Tides Inn at least for the duration of the regatta and may be available for public visits at other times.

Come join the activities on the water or on land!

According to Tom Chapman, a co-Chairman, the race is open to mono-hulls with a design over 20 years old and there will be two days of racing on the Rappahannock—1. On Saturday, the various fleets grouped by ratings will race a traditional triangular course and 2. On Sunday, the same entrants will compete in a Pursuit Race, which allows handicaps to factor in the starting sequence., i.e., the slowest starts first.

The top award is the Virginia Spirit Trophy, for the overall winner, (last year: Goin’ ) with another prize the John and Carole Jean McConnico Yacht Club Trophy for the yacht club or marina having at least three entries and the lowest combined score. And the fastest boat can also win the Most Beautiful Boat award!

For more information, go to www.turkeyshoot.org or contact Tom Chapman. Early registrations by Sept. 1 will enjoy a discounted entry fee. And BTW, professional action photos of your boat will be taken and will be made available to you.

And there are events open to the public: Happy Hour 1730-1930 Friday Oct. 4th, and cocktails, dinner--and music by our RRYC Dr. Greg Shivers and his band “Deadrise”--all starting at 1700 on Saturday.

As a reminder, this regatta, the largest of the Hospice Regattas in the US and voted Best of the Bay by Chesapeake Bay Magazine, is a combined effort of RRYC, the Yankee Point Racing and Cruising Club, Rappahannock Yachts, the Hospice Support Services of the Northern Neck and Riverside Hospice Agencies along with the greater Irvington community. George Bott is a co-chairman as well. Donations and volunteer help will be welcomed.


Note from SBRN:

Weekend before this past, Dennis Hannick and crew raced in the National Hospice Regatta Alliance Championship in Charleston SC. They were one of 10 teams from across the country to compete in the regatta. They raced J22s. Alex Resio was on the bow, and David Hagar, did the trimming. Dennis drove. Dennis said, “Thursday was practice day and we promptly lost our (non-locking) winch handle overboard. We were only allowed one non-locking winch handle onboard, so practice was rather short for our first time on a J22.” They did get another winch handle for the Friday races, but , Dennis continued, during the racing the jib was not coming in as fast as normal. He explained that the trimmer had become ill – so ill that during the second race of the day, the team dropped out and took their trimmer to the hospital. Taking care of the crew became the #1 priority, so they did not race on Saturday. They picked up a substitute crew for Sunday, but racing was eventually abandoned due to lack of wind. Even after all the trials and tribulations, the team representing the southern Bay Hospice event – the Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta – is 10th in the Nation!! Dennis and his team all plan to be back at the Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta, October 4-6, 2019, hosted at Rappahannock River Yacht Club.

June 2019

Countdown to the Championship

> We've got Charleston Harbor!

> We've got J/22s!

> We've got a great race committee!

> We'll have wonderful parties!

Friday at 11 a.m. -- it's time for the first warning signal of the 20th annual Hospice Regattas Championship, hosted by the College of Charleston.

2019 Competitors:

    1. Dan Machold, NY-Jefferson County
    2. Ned Johnston, ME-Mt Desert Island
    3. Roger Strube, FL-Charlotte Harbor
    4. Matt Kern, OH-Sandusky
    5. Dennis Hannick, VA-Turkey Shoot
    6. Chris Kafsky, SC-Hartwell Lake
    7. Sean Clare, TN-Nashville
    8. David Nickerson, CT-Mystic
    9. Steve Rowlands, MD-Havre de Grace
    10. Cedric Lewis, MD-Annapolis

Watch the Alliance’s Facebook page for daily updates from Oswego, to see all the teams are doing.

Competitors will gather each morning at the College of Charleston Sailing Center before heading out to the course.

When skippers receive their Sailor Bags tote bag embroidered with the Championship logo, they're as happy as Chuck Sheets was.

Championship Sponsors

Competitor Accommodations

Holiday Inn Express, Mt Pleasant

The USS Yorktown is not part of the College's fleet, it's the next-door neighbor.

Competitors Meeting & Reception

Sailing Inc - Charleston

Chances are, the winning team will have stayed on Saturday night at the Holiday Inn Express.

Championship Dinner & Auction

Charleston Yacht Club

It's a sail loft. It's a party room. On Thursday, June 20, it's a sail loft and a party room.

On Saturday, sailors will mingle with Alliance board members, Hospice of the Upstate volunteers, and our local hosts to feast on Low Country Boil and bid on auction items.

Proceeds from the Hospice Regattas Championship benefit

the National Hospice Regatta Alliance and Hospice of the Upstate,

both recognized as tax-exempt § 501 (c) 3 charities.

National Hospice Regatta Alliance | E-mail | Website

Connect with us


National Hospice Regatta Alliance | P.O. Box 1054, McLean, VA 22101

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