2016 Welcome

  Welcome to the 21st. Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta 

             The Godspeed and the Claud W. Somers will be on the water and at the Tides Inn during 
                    the Regatta. They will be open to the public (Schedule to be determined).

                            Your boat design doesn't have to be as old as the Godspeed, 
                            just 25 years and be a monohull at least 18 ft. long to enter..

                            Regatta will be held on September 30 thru October 2, 2016
                                    Location, Rappahannock Yachts, Irvington,VA

                  *******  Registration is open, go to:  

             -  Not Racing but would like tickets to attend events or 
                                buy hat/t-shirts go to: 
                              ( Items ordered will be available at the Check in Desk)

                      - Want to Help Hospice, buy a TSR Raffle Ticket, go to 
             - This Hospice Regatta couldn't happen without the support of the                             local community businesses, organizations and individuals. 
               To find out who they are go to the TSR Program file at