Pareas iwasakii in the field.

What's new?

  • My paper "Cost of autotomy drives ontogenetic switching of anti-predator mechanisms under developmental constraints in a land snail" has been published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences-> More Info in Japanese with some images - 03/Oct/2012

  • My paper "A speciation gene for left-right reversal in snails results in anti-predator adaptation" has been published in Nature Communications. - 07/Dec/2010

  • My research has been featured by Prof. Sean B. Carroll in NY Times for celebrating the 150th anniversary of Darwin's Origin. - 24/Nov/2009

Successful predation on a dextral snail by a snake [1.9 MB]
Unsuccessful predation on a sinistral snail by a snake [2.0 MB]
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