My SCA Activities

In the SCA I am Known as  Duke Tarrach Alfson (KSCA, OL, etc.). I was the 6th Prince of Northshield, the  66th King of the Midrealm, and the 2nd King of Northshield. I am happily married to and have reigned always with Banduic  Fina Ingen Aeda  (OL, OP, ect.). My research and persona focus on 7th century Northern Europe.

In the SCA I am known as Tarrach Alfson, a 7th century warrior from the royal houses of East Anglia (and thus releated to Redwald) who was fostered to King Penda of Mercia. I originally joined the SCA in the then Shire of Whitewater, Midrealm (S. Bend IN) in 1982. From there I rediscovered the SCA when I went to the Barony of Rivenstar (Purdue University) where I was initially taught to fight. After graduating in 1986, I moved to the then Shire of Blue Mountain in Antir (Pullman WA) where I met my wife (then known as Fiona) and refined my fighting abilities. I owe a gread deal of my skills with sword and shield to the likes of Duke Dak, DukeTorgul and Sir Jorg of Morton. From there I moved to back to the Midrealm in the Barony of Northwoods (Lansing MI). I was squired to Duke Tadashi. I was introduced to the arts and sciences by Dutches Caellyn Fitzhugh and inspired greatly by my friends Bronwyn,  Calum (now Master Calum), and my wife who used to visit Caellyn's to learn illumination, tablet weaving etc..  After getting my PhD, I moved to the Shire of Korsvag (Fargo ND) in the then region of Northshield. A short time later, Northield became a Principality of the Midrealm and then finally an independent kingdom. I was knighted in a combined ceremony by Tarquin and Aibhilin and Edmund and Kateryn at Edmund and Kateryn's corronation (1996). I was laureled by Ragnvalder and Arabella at WW (1999). I currently reside in Korsvag with my wife Fina and my two sons Dietrich Tarrachson (Aidan) and Secundus Tarrachson (Gregor).  My SCA Research and persona has focused on 7th century Northern European material culture. Some pdfs of my publications can be down loaded from my SCA Research page. I also have some pics of some of the items I have made over the years and some A&S documentation there.

This is a pic of Fina and myself as Prince and Princess of Northshield

This is a pic of Us as King and Queen of the Midrealm

Here we are as King and Queen of Northshield (at Pennsic)