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Briefly in english

This is a little informal site for finnish cluster headache sufferers. We have an active patient community operating mostly in Facebook having around 1500 members. Majority of information we offer in finnish concentrates on "self-help" treatments (Anti-inflammatory Regimen - Vitamin D, Herbal protocol - Liquorice Root, Busting - Psilocybin, LSD, LSA and so on) that are efficient in treating cluster headaches. There is little to none information available in finnish and we hope to change that.

Apparently some visitors who speak english reach this site using search term Horton syndrome or Horton's syndrome. As a name for our condition this is by far better than cluster "headache".

Together - sharing our knowledge and experience interactively for a new kind of wisdom

If patient assiciation and healthcare are able to work together by sharing knowledge and experiences as equals and with respect, we can treat cluster headaches more efficiently and better than at the moment in a relatively short time. This kind of approach is even globally new. In Finland we have "Expert by experience" training that can be very helpful for any medical condition and for any patient association.

We are currently forming to be an association in Finland. Should you need to contact us in english language, please use the Contact Form (Ota yhteyttä).

You can help us by liking and sharing this page on Facebook:  https://web.facebook.com/loppuvapaansarky.fi/