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2014 JNoM

Welcome to Horten

Welcome to the Nordic Youth Championship 2014 in Horten.

Important information!
  • Parking fee on Horten Seilforening Parking area will be NOK 50.

  • Team race registration form must be completed within 1700hrs at the 21th oh july
  • Changes to SI

    Race : Team Racing

    Class : Optimist

    7. Format of Racing

    1. Complete Round Robin , and then if possible, gold final with the two best teams from Round Robin Race.

      The first team to win two races out of three in the gold final, is the winner of the team racing.

    8. Event Schedule

    Schedule of Races Changed to Sailing Schedule:

    See attachment on the official notice board

    8.2 No team racing before the classes has a valid Nordic Championship

    Time schedule will be agreed with the class coaches

  • Changes to SI

    Class : Optimist

    5.1 Dates of Racing

    July 23 Optimist Fleet Racing

    July 23 Zoom 8 Fleet Racing