Age is the disintegration of possibility and the assertion of probability, with the odds shortening every day.

Berlin Blues And Other Stories

A collection of short stories set in various places and times. The topic of Berlin Blues (the story) is about two brothers separated during the Cold War by the Berlin Wall, who, after Germany’s reunification meet again at what once was Checkpoint Charlie. A Soldier’s Story is about an Iraq veteran who lost his best buddy to a roadside bomb in Baghdad. Love Story is about the temptation and moral anguish two teen lovers suffer while drifting in a sailboat during a storm in the Great Lakes. In One Sabbath in Jerusalem, an American tourist is faced with the rigorous Jewish Sabbath restrictions. A Saboteur of Sorts, tells how a Colombian-American faces the moral dilemma of eradicating in the Amazon Jungle illegal marijuana plantations that are the sole means of survival for poor farmers. Then there is the depression-ridden refugee who, in Unstuck in Time, travels through time to revisit the places of his childhood in Nazi Germany. In A Tale of one City, a boy, who is suffering the loss of his father, questions his grandpa about why his dad and uncles had to die in so many foreign wars. In A Summit in Heaven, God, in a lighter mood than usual, calls for a meeting and admonishes his past and present earthly lieutenants for their failures. Finally, the story of a victim during the Jewish uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto, who in his desperation, decides to write a letter to God.

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Work In Progress:
War Father
 - A novel about the redemption of a former SS man who during WWII participated in the Nazi "Make Babies for the Führer" Program.

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Missy y el Duque
By Fred H. Crump
Translated by Horst Woyde
Hardcover - Blaine Ethridge Books (1977)


Horst Woyde is a translator/writer whose career began in the 1950's in Montevideo, Uruguay. His early writings included magazine features of social–political interest. A close acquaintance of Nobel Prize candidate Eugen Relgis, Horst became interested in Humanitarism, a philosophy of human behavior Relgis had developed and of which he was the main proponent. Horst's involvement in this school of thought acquainted him with Doctor Albert Schweitzer, of Lambarene, Africa, some of whose writings he translated.


Horst was a regular contributor to Uruguay's university newspaper Conciencia and became its correspondent–at–large during his stay in Hamburg, Germany, from where he wrote about many significant events that occurred in Europe during those days.


After relocating permanently in the United States, Horst used his language skills by working as a translator for the Ford Motor Company, a position that led him to set up the Detroit Translation Bureau, which became one of Michigan's major advertising translation and copy writing agencies.


Horst's international background, however, pulled him to cosmopolitan Washington, D.C., where he joined the United States Information Agency––now incorporated to the U.S. Department of State–– as writer, editor, translator and occasional reporter.


Retired now from active employment, Horst is a regular contributor to the State Department's monthly Spanish language electronic journal, eJournalUSA. His numerous articles on different topics are being regularly published on line and in print.


Independent from his government work, Horst writes short fiction stories, which in line with his international experience are set in many geographical areas and cover many themes.


His novel in progress, titled War Father, is due to be completed in the near future.




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Berlin - Brandenburg Gate

On Temple Mount - Jerusalem

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