As part of our creative development activities the children are encouraged to explore and experiment with all kinds of materials including messy ones.   We would encourage parents to purchase our Kindergarten t-shirts and sweatshirts or to wear old clothes because the children participate in messy activities such as painting, sticking etc at every session. Parents should note that our staff cannot be held responsible for the safety and condition of your child’s own clothing whilst at Kindergarten.  To encourage physical independence please dress your child in trousers that are easy to pull up without belts. This is due to some children becoming unnecessarily upset due to toileting accidents as they cannot remove their clothing. 

Please provide a named change of clothes in case of accidents together with a pair of wellies for wet and muddy weather or a hat and sun cream for hot weather as appropriate. These can be left in a bag on your child’s peg each day.  All clothing must be clearly named. For safety reasons children are discouraged from wearing jewellery to Kindergarten. 

There are T-shirts and sweatshirts for sale and an order form can be found here Forms. Please note that these garments are offered at cost – we do not treat sales as a means of fundraising. 
These items are optional but it does mean that they can get messy without ruining their normal clothes and it also gives your child a sense of belonging.

Should you require any further information please contact Becky Painter on 01892 724 805. 


The Kindergarten uses a variety of methods to communicate important information with parents. Most information / news can be sourced from our website –   Update emails are sent once a week so if you have an email address please give this to Becky Painter who can be contacted on   Posters are also displayed on the notice boards and doors. 

Where possible we like to use electronic means of communication to keep down printing costs and it is better for the environment, however, if you wish to receive paper copies of our newsletters etc please let Becky know.

Drop Off

If you need to drop your child off slightly early (ie: 8.45 am) because of a sibling’s assembly at school, staff will do their best to accommodate you but please provide as much notice as possible as staff are very busy in the mornings setting the rooms up and preparing activities for the day. 

Each age group, Caterpillars and Butterflies have their own separate entrances into the building. Caterpillars to the right of the building (as you are looking at the building) and Butterflies to the left (as you look at the building). This is to maintain our high standards of safety, ensuring there are no large groups of parents and children waiting in one area.

On arriving in the building, the parent will leave coats and bags on their child's peg. Once the door is opened at 9.00am, the parent can take the child into their room and settle the child.
Once the parent is happy the child has settled, they will leave through the same door and exit the building.  A member of staff will be present at the door to the Caterpillar and Butterfly room to welcome the children in, and to ensure the parents are happy when they leave.Once all the parents have left the building, the main doors will be shut. We have in place a buzzer entry system.


The entrance into Kindergarten is via a gate, which is situated on the school side of the road.   There is another access into Kindergarten, which is through the council owned play area. The building can be easily accessed by a wheelchair.  Parents can access the building by pressing a buzzer. Each entrance has a buzzer system. The buzzer can be heard in the relevant rooms. Staff can open the main doors in the classroom once they have ascertained who is at the door.

At the end of each session, parents will collect their children from the appropriate room. Access to the Caterpillar room is from the entrance to the right (as you look at the building) and access to the Butterfly room is from the entrance to the left. We have collection times at 12o'clock, 1.00pm and 3.30pm.  A member of staff will greet the parents at the door. Parents will be shown into the classroom to collect their children and they are asked to please collect any work from their child's tray before leaving the building.  Once all parents and children have left the building, a member of staff will ensure the doors are locked.


The information below details the minimum exclusion periods for illness and communicable disease, under advice from the Kent Health Practitioners Unit. Please help to prevent the spread 
of illness by adhering to these exclusion periods.   If you are unsure about your child’s ailments please contact the Kindergarten on 01892 724 805 for advice. 

Disease/illness Minimum exclusion period 

 Disease/Illness Minimum exclusion period
 Antibiotics prescribed by a doctor First 2 days at home 
 Temperature Must be off for 24 hours after symptoms 
 Vomiting Must be off for 48 hours after symptoms
 Conjunctivitis Kept at home for 2 days; thereafter until eyes are no longer weeping 
 Diarrhoea 48 hours
 Chickenpox Minimum of 7 days or until blisters have scabbed over
 Gastroenteritis, food poisoning, salmonellas, e-coli  Until authorised by District Community Physician 
 Infective hematites 7 days from onset of jaundice 
 Measles 7 days from appearance of the rash
 Meningococcal infection Until recovered from the illness 
 Mumps Until the swelling has subsided and in no case less than 7 days from onset of illness 
 Pertussis (whooping cough) 21 days from onset of paroxysmal cough 
 Poliomyelitis Until declared free from infection by District Community Physician 
 Rubella (German Measles) 7 days from appearance of the rash 
 Scarlet fever and streptococcal infection of the throat and tonsillitis  Until appropriate medical treatment has been given and in no case for less than 3 days from the start of treatment
 Tuberculosis Until declared free from infection by the District Community Physician
 Typhoid fever and Paratyphoid Until declared free from infection by the District Community Physician
 Impetigo Until the skin is healed
 Pediculosis (lice) Until appropriate treatment has been given
 Plantar warts (Verrucas*) No exclusion. Should be treated and covered
 Ring worm of scalp Until cured
 Ringworm of body Seldom necessary to exclude provided treatment is being given 
 Scabies 24 hours after treatment has been given 

 Hepatitis A 7 days after onset
 Fifth Disease (Slapped Cheek) Until clinically well with no fever
 Swine flu For confirmed cases no less than 3 days after completion of antiviral drugs (total of approx of 8 days as treatment last 5 days).

Comments and Complaints Procedure

As a member of the pre-school Learning Alliance we aim to provide the highest quality education and care for all of our children. We aim to offer a welcome to each individual child and family and to provide a warm and caring environment within which all children can learn and develop as they play.

We believe children and parent/s or carers are entitled to expect courtesy and prompt, careful attention to their needs and wishes. Our intention is to work in partnership with parent/s or carers and the community generally and we welcome suggestions on how to improve our group at any time.

Making concerns known 

Parents/Guardians who may have concerns about any aspect of the group provision are advised to approach Tina Walker or Sarah Russell (Co-Supervisors) or Maddy Adams who is the Chairperson of the Management Committee.  Following on from verbal communications if a parent/carer would like to put their complaint in writing they may do so either by emailing  or by completing a complaint form which can be obtained from the administrator or downloaded off the website. 

All findings and recommendations from further investigations will be fed back in writing within 28 days of the complaint being received.   If after receiving the feedback you are not satisfied with our response to your concern or complaint, please contact us and we will try to deal with your unease.   Any discussions or action points arising will remain confidential at all times. Parents are able to review a summary of all complaints made on request to the administrator.  Horsmonden Kindergarten are required to provide Ofsted, on request, with a written record of all complaints made during any specified period and the action that was taken as a result of each complaint.  Parents may wish to approach Ofsted directly at any stage of the complaints procedure.  

The address and telephone number of our Ofsted regional centre are:

Picadilly Gate
Stare Street
Manchester M1 2WD
Tel: 0300 123 4234