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The Kindergarten is run by an elected committee of volunteer parents, who, in consultation with staff, are responsible for all major decision-making. New members are always welcome, as is any help with fundraising and other events throughout the year. Without the commitment and support of all our parents the Kindergarten could no longer continue to flourish

Chairperson:  Maddy Adams
Secretary:  Katy Arscott
Treasurer:  Kate Germer
Committee: Becky Painter, Sam Watson, Claire Penfold, Lauren Butler and Sarah Keith-Lucas

"I wanted to join the committee so I can get involved and have some input in my childrens' early years education. It's fun and rewarding!" Katy Arscott

Fund Raising

Although we receive a fee income and Government funding, it is imperative for the Committee to maintain a healthy fundraising schedule to ensure that the financial needs of the Kindergarten are met. The Christmas Raffle, Sports Day, Farmers’ Market Refreshments, End of Term Parties are examples of regular successful fund raising events. All are encouraged to participate and new ideas are always gratefully received!

Parental involvement

The Kindergarten actively encourages the parents of the children to assist in the daily running of the Kindergarten. Parents are encouraged to help with fundraising activities such as running the stall at the Farmer’s Market, helping out at end of term parties or maybe joining the committee. Unlike many kindergartens, parental assistance in the classroom is not compulsory. Sufficient staff are employed to meet the needs of the staff to pupil ratio. However, the Kindergarten actively encourages parents to get involved with the Kindergarten. The children love to receive special visits and who knows, you may inspire someone in the future! We are also always grateful when a parent is able to step in at short notice to cover an unexpected staff absence or as part of planned cover for staff training. A list of parents able to provide cover on ad hoc basis is maintained in the Kindergarten lobby.